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  January 2011



Welcome to Design News
Happy New Year
Welcome to the Fourth Edition of Design News. The intent of Design News is to educate, inform, and assist by offering greener alternatives. Our goal is to help you create healthy, beautiful projects while having some fun!

Design News will cover these topics:
  • Interior Design Tips and Trade Secrets
  • Expert Color Advice
  • Remodeling Tips from the Pros
  • Healthier Green Alternatives for your Home
  • Design Trends
  • Feng Shui Tips
  • Design Trade Specials
We hope you enjoy Design News.

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SiGreen Tips Logomple steps to transform your home's health

 Living room

by Lorraine Alexander


What's your IAQ?  


Many of us easily understand the benefits of eating organically grown food. We understand that pesticides are unhealthy to consume.  So how healthy is the air we breathe inside our home?  Surprisingly, the air quality is often better outside the home, and less healthy inside. Why?

First you must understand IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). It is a term referring to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of the occupants.  IAQ can be affected by mold, bacteria, gasses, including carbon monoxide, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOC's) or any mass that can induce adverse health.  VOC's can hide in many products that you bring into your home and off-gas (release toxins) for long periods of time, making your home unhealthy.  Indoor air is becoming an increasingly more concerning health hazard than outdoor air.  Using ventilation to dilute contaminants, filtration, source control, and careful selection of all products brought into the home are the primary methods for improving the air quality. 

Improve your home's IAQ with just a few small changes. Follow these simple steps and improve your home's health.
  1. Don't pollute the air quality in your home with harsh chemicals.  Select only eco-friendly cleaning products. Your family will breathe easier.
  2. Adopt a shoes-off policy to eliminate unhealthy street toxins.
  3. Change your filters often, including furnace and water filters.
  4. Add plants to naturally cleanse air quality by eliminating VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  5. De-clutter. Create an easy-to-clean environment.
  6. Buy a good vacuum system and vacuum often. Include drapes and upholstery.
  7. Avoid CFL's (Compact Florescent Lamp). These are the new energy saving bulbs flooding our marketplace.  While they do conserve energy, they contain mercury.  If broken they can create a health hazard. Google the question "are CFL's safe?". If you choose to use them, please dispose of them responsibly and recycle. For a convenient recycling center go to EARTH911
  8. Eliminate garden toxins. Weed and Feed and many other common yard products are toxic and not eco-friendly.  Children and pets often track them indoors, and they are not planet-friendly.
  9. Choose VOC-free paints.  Avoid toxic off-gassing.
  10. Buy natural fibers, cotton, wool, hemp. Avoid chemical treatments.
  11. When replacing flooring, carpeting or anything in your home, look for products with low or no VOC's. For more info go to GREENGUARD.
  12. Last but most important, a home safety check is essential. Are there hidden hazards in your home or garage? For example, flammable substances stored in garages, improper ventilation for furnaces and hot water tanks (call your local gas provider for an on-site safety check), unsafe electrical wiring, worn out safety valves on hot water tanks (easily tested), chimneys that have not been cleaned or maintained, improper plumbing of gas lines, expired batteries on fire/carbon-monoxide alarms, and fire extinguishers with an outdated charge.   Go through a comprehensive safety check in your home.

For more info go to:   Lorraine Alexander Interior Design / Green Design

Lorraine Alexander

New Region Representative

US Green Building Council-Redwood Empire Chapter

On January 11, 2011, the Redwood Empire Chapter, U.S. Green Building Council's Board appointed Lorraine Alexander to a two-year term as Region Representative.  She will interface with other representatives on a regional and national level to learn about other chapters, discuss educational offerings, and share information. 

The Pacific Regional Representative Committee is designed to help inter-chapter communications, collaboration, and capacity within the region. The USGBC established eight Regional Councils. To learn more about the local chapter go to: USGBC-REC

Nature on Vancouver Island, BC

What's the buzz?

"Sonoma Green Scene"
www.sonomagreenscene.orgGreen Tips Logo

This Spring look for the launch of the new premier online source for sustainable education, information regarding health, design, building, remodeling, products, and resource links.


More to be announced soon!



How Big is Your Footprint?
Green Tips Logo

This is a method of tracking human demand on nature; more specifically how much land is needed to produce resources used and absorb the waste generated.  This measure is used for both human consumption and buildings.  During your remodeling you can make a difference by making smart choices for your home.  Lowering your consumption of energy and water, and thoughtful product selection, all contribute to lessening your ecological footprint.

 To measure your footprint go to:  www.myfootprint.org

Winter sun 

 Strive for Simplicity...

   Find simple joys in the New Year  


  "The greatest gift is a portion of thyself."


Health, peace and happiness

to us all.





We appreciate your continued support and hope  

you found Design News interesting and informative.  



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New Green Building Council Regional Representative
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Lorraine Alexander

Lorraine Alexander

Green Building Certified she is committed to greener, healthier homes for her clients, and sustainable design and building practices.

  • Santa Rosa Junior College Advisory Committee for the Interior Design Program  2009-present
  • Redwood Empire Remodelers Assoc.  Adviser and Chair for the Green Building Committee          2009 / 2010
  • US Green Building Council, Redwood Empire Chapter  Board of Directors and Regional  Representative for the Redwood Empire Chapter 2011-present Education Chair  2010
  • Redwood Empire Built Environment Committee   2010-present
  • Sonoma State University / Green Building Certified 2009


"USGBC Chapter Leadership"

USGBC Chapter logo

The US Green Building Council's Redwood
Empire Chapter
elects six
Board Members
 On January 11, 2011
two new  Board Members were appointed and four were reinstated to serve
the chapter for a
term of two years. 

The new Board Members:
Lorraine Alexander
Lorraine Alexander Interiors
Tina Montgomery

Codding Enterprises

The reinstated Board Members
Bob Massaro
Healthy Buildings USA
Claudia Cleaver
Morse & Cleaver Architects
Ellen Elson
Former CEO
Billy Forrest
Jon Worden Architects

Newly Appointed:

Bob Massaro

 Vice President
 Kirstie Moore

Congratulations to all!

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