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  July 2010


Welcome to Design News

Welcome to the first edition of Design News. The intent of Design News is to educate, inform, and assist by offering healthier greener alternatives. Our goal is to help you create healthy, beautiful projects, all while having some fun!

Over the next year, our six issues of Design News will cover these topics:
  • Interior Design Tips and Trade Secrets
  • Expert Color Advice
  • Remodeling Tips from the Pros
  • Healthier Green Alternatives for your Home
  • Design Trends
  • Feng Shui Tips
  • Design Trade Specials
We hope you enjoy our first edition of Design News!

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Healthy Sustainabe Bedroom
Creative Balance

Creating a Healthier Bedroom through Design

Published in the Redwood Empire Remodeling Associations Building News
On average, we spend one third of our time in our bedroom. Many of us are completely unaware of the impact this single room has, affecting our mood and even our sleep. Creating a serene and healthy bedroom environment can greatly improve our sleep quality, while producing a positive effect on our health and well being. Our bedroom should be a place of serenity and rejuvenation, our own private sanctuary.

First and foremost, when designing a healthier environment we must consider air quality. Each selection you make will influence the air quality of your bedroom. For the best material selections choose natural organic fibers; cotton, linen, wool, hemp and jute, just to name a few. If you are a homeowner with allergies to down, find comforters filled with wool or cotton. Avoid polyurethane, synthetics or poly-cotton blends. Look for products that have not been chemically treated or bleached. Avoid wrinkle-free and stain-free finish treatments that use formaldehyde and produce off-gassing. If you are in the market to purchase a new mattress, look for manufacturers that offer healthier organic mattresses
. More...

Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate...

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Color Like a Pro

Planning to redecorate your room or office?  The biggest dilemma most people face is selecting the paint color.

Before you begin, study your surroundings.  Color should beautifully unfold as you enter your home or workspace from the outside. Your new colors should draw you into and through your space. 

Here are 10 Professional Color Tips

  1. Start by pulling your color palate from an area rug or artwork.
  2. Use unexpected color hues to add drama.  This method is usually best used to accent architecture, or to draw attention to a specific wall as a focal point.
  3. Add sprinkles of your accent color in the room by adding pillows, or trim for a Roman shade...you get the idea! 
  4. When in doubt, keep it simple. 
  5. Take the time to paint out samples on very large sample boards.
  6. Study and live with the color-boards for a few weeks before you paint.  Look for subtle undertones in the color, and how it affects the other elements in the room.
  7. Look at your color-board samples throughout the day and even into the evening.  Move your samples to different walls in the same room.  You will be surprised how the color will dramatically change.
  8. Color is all about creating a mood. What mood reflects your personality?
  9. When in doubt, hire a professional. A good colorist will help you express your color personality in your home while creating tasteful fun interior style.
  10. Indulge yourself. Color is an expression of you!
Benjamin Moore Natura Paint
Benjamin Moore Natura Paint

Use the Healthy Alternative
 Zero-VOC Paint

Look for zero-VOC paint for your home or workspace.  To learn more about the importance of air quality and VOC's click on the link below or the image of the paint can.
Air Quality 

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How to Combine Simplicity and Luxury
We've all heard the term "simple elegance".  Learn common mistakes to avoid, and tips that will help you easily achieve high style and a designer look in your project.

Here are 8 Simple Designer Tips

  1. Restraint is a key element to adopt. Know when to stop, don't over-decorate (a common mistake).  Less really is more!
  2. Use monochromatic palates with subtle hues of accent color. This will create elegance instantly in any room.
  3. First, simplify your accessories and furnishings. Look for key pieces that have visual impact. Most rooms are just too crowded. Good design creates both focal points, and an area for the eye to rest.
  4. Combine fabrics and textures that are visually sumptuous, the kind you simply must touch and feel.
  5. Use quality high-end fabrics in your home. It is money well spent. 
  6. If you're on a budget, choose to spend your design-dollars on lush fabrics. Use these fabrics strategically in the room design.  Look for applications that do not demand a high volume of yardage. Pillows, headboards, and decorative trims are all good examples.
  7. If you are planning draperies, be generous with the fabric. When the yardage required is simply not affordable, settle for a handsome roman shade.  Wimpy draperies can often cheapen the look of even the most handsome room.
  8. The most beautiful drapes are simple in both design and fabric selection.  Most importantly, they are generously appointed.

Thank you for taking time to read Design News.  We hope you found it interesting and informative.  Look for our next issue!

Lorraine Alexander
Lorraine Alexander Interior Design

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Creating a Healthy Bedroom through Design
Color Like a Pro
How to Combine Simplicity and Luxury
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