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They Come to America:  the Cost of Illegal Immigration


IFIRE invites you to join us at the movies for a special showing of the film "They Come to America:  the Cost of Illegal Immigration" by Dennis Michael Lynch! 


TCTA is the other "must watch" movie of the year!  Obama is giving work permits to as many as 2 million young (up to age 30) illegals.  How does this help the 23 million unemployed Americans?  How does this help the 3 million American high school kids who will graduate this year?  How does this help college grads, 50% of whom cannot find good jobs in their field of expertise?  Do the math!  It's not about race; it's about numbers!  And national security.  And voter fraud.  And taxes--just to name a few.  Under Obamacare, millions of illegals will still continue to receive free medical treatment because we can't force non-citizens to buy health insurance and we can't sic the IRS on someone who doesn't pay taxes.


Pack the house!  We need 400 people to stand with us to declare that we want our immigration laws enforced!  This will send a message to our elected officials in Indiana and in Washington, D.C.  Yes, we welcome immigrants but only in numbers that do not cripple job opportunities for Americans of all races.  It's past time to put American workers first!


In Indiana, our own Attorney General has refused to defend portions of Indiana's immigration law.  Even before the bill was written, the AG publicly opposed it.  We believe the AG's office should step aside.  Senators Delph, Boots and Steele have taken legal action to fully defend our law.  Senator Delph will tell us about this when he speaks after the movie.  We worked hard to get S.E.A. 590 passed and we aren't going to give it up without a fight!  Please stand with us!    


  Watch They Come to America on the big screen in the Hobart Art Theater on Main Street, Hobart, IN, USA!  The concession stand will be open!


 Meet film maker Dennis Michael Lynch during the Q&A immediately after the movie.


   Meet Indiana's favorite conservative bloggers, Daisy and Mockarena, The Chicks on the Right! 


 Meet State Senator Mike Delph, the author and defender of Indiana's immigration enforcement law!


 Participate in the brand new movie Dennis is making about Patriots like you--called "Saved by Patriots"!  That's right!  His cameras will be rolling and you can be part of it! 


I have watched TCTA twice now and it is a first rate movie that keeps you engaged from beginning to end!  We've heard the illegal aliens' side of the story but this film also tells the American side!  That's why this film is being frozen out.  That's why Dennis is willing to travel to all 50 states to show it!  That's why we need for you to join with us to support us and help spread the word! 


(Click the blue, underlined items in this email for more info.  Please visit the TCTA website link above to check out the movie trailer and video of Dennis' excellent interviews on FOX & Friends and the O'Reilly Factor!  You may also find They Come to America on Facebook.)  



Event details 

"They Come to America: the Cost of Illegal Immigration."


DATE:  Sunday, September 30, 2012


PLACE:  Hobart Art Theater, 230 Main St, Hobart, IN



SHOWTIME:  12:30 p.m. Central Time


AFTER the MOVIE:   2:00 p.m.--3:30 p.m. Central Time

IFIRE will introduce Senator Delph who will update us on the status of his immigration law.  (More details below.) 

The Chicks on the Right will introduce Dennis M. Lynch who will then take questions from the audience. 

DVDs of the movie will be on sale in the lobby. 


TICKET COST: $10.00 per person

Buy tickets in advance here.  Remaining tickets may be purchased at the Box Office which opens at noon Central. (Tickets are first come/first served until sold out.) 


*Watch the IFIRE Calendar of Events for updates! 


Please share this link with your friends, family members, TEA Party, patriot and other activist groups who share our concerns about the cost of illegal immigration.  Bring someone who disagrees and maybe we'll change their mind!

Status of Indiana's Immigration Law--S.E.A. 590 
Indiana Attorney General Zoeller announces that he will not defend portions of S.E.A. 590. 

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