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Off-Season: a time of suspended or reduced activity; especially the time during which an athlete is not training or competing.


As the summer winds down, and the race season comes to a close, many athletes are looking forward to a well deserved break. As coaches, this is the time of year that we worry the most about our athletes. They have spent months racking up the miles, working hard and improving their fitness. While some time away from the bike can do the mind and the body good, too much time off can ruin a season's worth of training. As you have probably found from experience, it is a lot easier to lose fitness than it is to gain it. A couple of months of inactivity can easily wipe out a full summer of training. Planning a proper off-season with your coach is the first step to success next year!
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With our recent anniversary the Optimize Endurance Services team met to celebrate, reminisce about our first five years and discuss our future. As a business, we're busier than ever; traveling to clients for testing, coaching athletes, partnering with exciting events, growing our mountain bike team all while our degreed and certified coaches work hard staying up to date on the latest training methods. All of these facets have helped to build our business and allow us to provide a high level of service to our clients. To maintain that level of service we continue to work hard at streamlining our processes, reducing our costs and looking for new opportunities. We also do a regular review of the marketplace to ensure that we are offering our services at a competitive cost to our clients. To continue to grow as a business and offer premium service to our clients we will be making some adjustments to our current pricing structure. These changes are outlined below.

As a thank you to our current clients and friends for their continued patronage of Optimize Endurance Services, we are extending a special offer: Purchase and schedule any testing service (Lactate Threshold or Resting Metabolic Rate) before October 15th and receive current pricing regardless of when your testing appointment has been scheduled for.

As always, our main focus is to continue helping our clients achieve their goals through optimized training.

Thank You for Your Patronage!
~The OES Team 
New Pricing - Effective October 15th
Visit the OES Pricing and Scheduling page to set up a testing appointment for any date and time you choose. There are no restrictions on the number of appointments you may book or on how far out you may schedule them. If you book prior to October 15th you will receive our current low testing rates (even if your appointment falls after 10/15). The below prices, and revised travel areas (see proposed map), will go into effect for new appointments booked beginning on October 15th, 2012.

Lactate Threshold Testing - Bike & Run

-Mobile Lab in Southwest BikeSource Parking Lot: $150  

-Travel Area A: $170 

-Mobile Lab in Aurora West Target Parking Lot: $180  

-Travel Area B: $200

-Runner Test at Pierce Family Wellness: $160   

-Runner Test at Peak Performance: $180  

-Runners on Their Home Treadmill, Consult Travel Areas Above

-Clients Out of Area, Please Contact OES for Pricing or Book at a Mobile Lab Location Listed Above


Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

-Mobile Lab at Southwest BikeSource: $70+$16(reusable mouthpiece)

-Travel Area A: $80+$16

-Mobile Lab at Aurora West Target: $90+$16  

-Travel Area B: $100+$16 


Coaching Consult 

-$80 per hour


Personalized Training Plan Coaching   

-$28 per week (minimum of 4 weeks) + New Client Coaching Consult to start plan design $80 or Existing Client Consult and Coaching Reassessment $50


Elite Plan Coaching 

-$175 per month (elite plan contracts set on month to month basis) +New Client Coaching Consult to start plan design $80 or Existing Client Consult and Coaching Reassessment $50  


Proposed Travel Area Map

Travel Area Map  

Colorado High School Cycling League 
Formed in 2009, the Colorado High School Cycling League was founded to establish and maintain safe, quality high school mountain bike programs. In 2011, 325 student athletes from 33 public and private school teams participated. The race season consists of four races in the fall specifically designed for high school aged riders. The next race takes place on Sunday, Sept. 23rd with the series finishing up with races on October 7th & 21st.

Looking to Get Your Kids Involved or to Volunteer? LEARN MORE  
OES-Specialized Purist Bottle 
It's hard to get excited about something as mundane as a water bottle. But, as any cyclist will tell you, a good bottle is worth its weight in gold. Enter the OES-Specialized Purist bottle. What makes this bottle so special? To start, the inside is coated with a layer of super smooth silicon dioxide. This shields the bottle from odor, staining and mold. It also makes cleaning a breeze. Simply shake with some soapy water, rinse and you're good to go. Another exciting feature lies in the cap. The Purist features a one-way flow valve which prevents spills even in the open position, eliminating the need to open and close the top when on the bike.

Browse our store and pick up a few bottles today...SHOP NOW

Stay tuned next month for our review of the Garmin Out-front Bike Mount! 
Indian Creek Mountain Bike Loop
Accessible from either the Waterton Canyon or Rampart areas, this roughly 15mi loop (total ride length dependent upon which trailhead you start from) offers a little bit of something for everyone. With steep, long climbs and short rolling hills, smooth easy sections to log ramps and roots you're sure to have a good time...LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TRAIL then look to join OES on Sunday, September 23rd when we ride the loop.  
Upcoming Optimize Endurance Services Training Rides 
-Sept 15th (Sat) South Valley MTB Ride
-Sept 23rd (Sun) Indian Creek MTB Ride
-Sept 30th (Sun) TBD-Keep an eye on the Rides Calendar
-Oct 7th (Sun) White Ranch MTB Ride
-Oct 13th (Sat) Ken Caryl Valley MTB Ride
-Oct 21st (Sun) TBD-Keep an eye on the Rides Calendar

Please see the OES RIDES CALENDAR for further ride details.
Thanks again for spending some time reading the OES newsletter and for your continued support of Optimize Endurance Services. Don't see what you need? Let us know.

Happy Training!
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Quote of the Month:


"Now I'll take a break and rest."


-Nino Schurter, after winning his second elite cross country mountain bike world title on September 8th.

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