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With unseasonably warm temperatures, it's hard to imagine that summer is not already officially here. Really leaves you to wonder what the summer truly has in store for us. 

Hopefully your training is in full swing and you've been able to take advantage of these beautiful days. If you're still looking for motivation to ride, check out all of the events that OES has partnered with for 2012. There's sure to be a ride to peak your interest.

Don't forget to check back next month for an article on training in the heat...I think we'll all need a refresher by then!

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Straighten Up and Fly Right - Tips on How to Improve Your Descending Skills


For many cyclists, the hardest part of their ride can be a long, leg burning ascent up a beautiful climb such as Lookout Mountain. However, the most challenging part is often the long, twisty descent that accompanies that climb. Becoming more confident in your descending skills can make the ride less hair-raising, more enjoyable and safer. Here are some tips on how to become a better cyclist when the road slopes...[ read full article ]


In the current state of endurance training and technology, data is a major factor to assist with performance improvements. For future analysis of performance gains, a coach should consider getting a starting point or baseline of the client. The information gathered can set the tone for where to focus the bulk of heart rate and/or power training. Having an understanding of the physiology of the body assists the coach in prescribing quality work over quantity. It also provides a platform to discuss human physiology, which forms a foundation of education between coach and client. This gives the athlete a thoughtful direction when following a prescribed workout...[ read full article ]

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Want to know the most current information about training rides? Interested in what events/races OES is at? Maybe you're just looking for folks to ride with...


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Optimize Endurance Services Gives Back 
Did you know that members of the Optimize Endurance Services / BikeSource team are required to fulfill at least 10 hours of community service each year?
Recently, our team members spent the day working at the Mount Saint Vincent Home, an organization dedicated to helping abused and neglected kids. Our members worked hard tuning up their kid's bikes to help them get back on the road and back on the path to healing.
Have a volunteer opportunity for us or interested in what we have coming up? Contact us
OES Coach-Led Training Rides

Summer '12 ride calendar for training rides. Alternating Saturdays at 8am/Sundays at 1pm, most rides will be in the 2-4 hour range and a mix of MTB/Road/CX depending on weather. Rides are set up to be 'No Drop' meaning that the group is brought back together at major course changes.

In addition to the usual team rides, feel free to join OES on any of our event practice rides. These rides are led by an OES coach and will include short discussions about preparing for each event. Bring your questions!

-May 12th (Saturday) Road-Elephant Rock Training Ride
-May 26th (Saturday) Road-Denver Century Ride Practice
-June 17th (Sunday) Road-Triple Bypass Practice Ride #1

-June 24th (Sunday) Road-Triple Bypass Practice Ride #2
-July 1st (Sunday)     Road-Triple Bypass Practice Ride #3

 Please contact us for more information. 

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Happy Training!

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Quote of the Month: 

"I've been thinking about this for a really long time, this jersey and this win."


~Boulder resident Taylor Phinney (son of Davis Phinney) after winning the Stage 1 Time Trial at the 2012 Giro d'Italia, becoming only the third American to ever don the Pink Leader's Jersey. The 2012 Giro runs May 5th - May 27th.

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Build Period-The specific preparation mesocycle during which high-intensity training in the form of muscular endurance, anaerobic endurance, and power is emphasized and endurance, force, and speed skills are maintained.     


Part of a proper periodized training plan, build periods are utilized in the lead up to main target events to improve an athlete's top-end capacity. This period is characterized by lactate threshold and VO2max intervals as well as sprint training.


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Check out these great events that OES is partnered with in 2012.
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