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Spring is here and before we know it the summer will be as well.

How's your training going? On track we hope. Consistency with workouts now will pay big dividends later this year. The return on fitness gains will far outpace any economic recovery projections.

If your considering a structured training plan or are already using one, reach out and check in with us to make sure your on track.


In this newsletter:
  • Denver Century Ride entry giveaway!   
  • Climb into success and Physiology 101: articles by Coach Rob    
  • Add to your vocabulary-training word of the month
  • Spring training rides-Come join us!    
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Prepare for Successful Climbing 

Turn that mountain into a molehill. Many cyclists mentally increase the size of a climb and let it tower over them, when a few simple processes can make the ascent more pleasant.
Mental preparation brings about a toughness that will help you perform better. Having an understanding of the elevation gained over the distance to the top and the types of pitches will help you to formulate a plan to attack it. Take your average climbing speed and the miles of the climb you want to do to assess the time it will take to ascend it. Nothing will be more crushing to your confidence than to know that you're still only halfway when you thought you would be at the top already.
..[ read full article ]

An Athlete's Chemical Affair:
Lactate as a Fuel
Lab testing

As the science of sport evolves, coaches like me must learn to adapt to the new thoughts on how the human body reacts to exercise. In the not so distant past it was believed that lactate caused the muscles to stop working...brought on fatigue...and an athlete wouldn't be able to do anymore work once they went beyond the threshold for lactate. A much larger school of belief now looks at lactate as an important tool in an athlete's toolbox.
Well, to tackle the subject of metabolic pathways in a short article.
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Denver Century Ride entry giveaway! 
Denver Century Ride_2012

Last month we promoted a give away of one Triple Bypass Event entry and two Denver Century Ride entries.


Congratulations to Kim Morrison and Stephanie Beiermann for getting the correct answers and wining an entry.  

We still have one entry available to the first person to follow the below instructions and reply with the correct answer.


Here is what is being offered for this giveaway. On the OES website (link provided below in details about training plans for the Denver Century Ride) find the list of factoids. Read and search to determine the false one. The first person to email OES with the correct answer to the false factoid presented will be given a code to get them into any distance of the Denver Century Ride. 

2012 Cycling Events and Optimize Endurance Services 
Check out the fruits of our labor, Event Training Plans written by Optimize Endurance Services Coaches. Prepare for success with one of OES General Training Plans designed specifically for one of the events below.
Come out this year and see OES at many of the major Colorado cycling events.

Road events

Mountain Bike Events

Triathlon event

Stay tuned to this newsletter and the OES website for more details about these events and the partnerships we are building.  

Join OES for training rides

Spring '12 ride calendar for training rides. Alternating Saturdays at 8am/Sundays at 1pm, most rides will be in the 2-4 hour range and a mix of MTB/Road/CX depending on weather. Rides are set up to be 'No Drop' meaning that the group is brought back together at major course changes.

-April 7th (Saturday) MTB-Pre-ride VooDoo Fire Pueblo.
-April 22nd (Sunday) MTB-Pre-ride Ridgeline Rampage Castle Rock.
-April 28th (Saturday) MTB-trails Silverthorne

-May 6th (Sunday) MTB-looping Highlands Ranch
-May 12th (Saturday) MTB-Indian Creek or Road Elephant Rock pre-ride
-May 26th (Saturday) Road-Denver Century pre-ride

 Please contact us for more information. 
Thanks again for spending some time reading the OES newsletter. Don't see what you need, let us know.

Happy Training!

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Performance Manager Chart-this chart is available to TrainingPeaks users. By calculating data from either heart rate or power/pace files this chart can provide a visual representation of a change in fitness over time.     


Acute Training Load (ATL), Training Stress Balance (TSB), and Cronic Training Load (CTL) along with Training Stress Score (TSS) and Intensity Factor (IF) give us the data points to create the graph. There is loads of science involved here and if your able to provide a solid stream of data points the PMC can be quite useful. More info.       

The coaches at OES use PMC to help clients understand how consistency can be used to create performance gains. Knowing how a client reacts to workloads gives the coach a leg up on helping the client reach goals.


Questions about coaching for improved endurance?

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Quote of the Month

"U can't buy happiness but U can buy a bike and that's pretty close."

~Seen on a road sign