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With the spooky holiday behind us now, it will be the end of the year before we realize it. Make attempts now to pull back the reins and plan out the attack on staying fit, healthy and balanced as the crazy holidays approach.     


In this newsletter:
  • 2012 OES training sponsored events-Business is growing!  
  • Now is a great time to consider setting goals for 2012: article by Coach Rob    
  • Add to your vocabulary-training word of the month
  • Fall/Winter training rides-Come join us!    
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Future Aspirations 
Reaching the goal_OES/BS

For an endurance athlete, whether recreational or seasoned racer, to aspire from season to season and year to year, they must aim at achieving something. That something for most stamina based competitors is to have a faster time or finish 'on the podium'. To accomplish any of these desires, a process of goal setting will need to be followed. This procedure can be simple to complex, depending on the person and the ultimate aspirations...[ read full article ]

2012 Cycling Events and Optimize Endurance Services 
See OES at an event near youOES has been busy this fall renewing and increasing partnerships for 2012 cycling events.

Much of the success of the event specific General Training Plans and practice rides will be available in all of the below events with small differences unique to each event. Come out this spring and summer and see OES at many of the major Colorado cycling events. Below are the events and when OES partnered up with them.

Road events:
  • Triple Bypass-since 2006  
  • Ride The Rockies-since 2009 
  • Denver Century Ride-since 2011 
  • Deer Creek Challenge-since 2011 
  • Elephant Rock-new 2012
  • Copper Triangle-new 2012
  • Colorado Rocky Mountain Bicycle Tour-new 2012

Mountain Bike Events:

  • Warriors Cycling RME-since 2009 
  • Bailey Hundo-new 2012

Triathlon event:

  • Denver Triathlon-since 2011

Stay tuned to this newsletter and the OES website for more details about these events and the partnerships we are building.  

Join OES for training rides

Fall/Winter '11 ride calendar for training rides. Alternating Saturdays at 8am/Sundays at 1pm, most rides will be in the 2-4 hour range and a mix of MTB/Road/CX depending on weather. Rides are set up to be 'No Drop' meaning that the group is brought back together at major course changes.

-November 5th (Saturday)  Road-Downtown to Lookout
-November 13th (Sunday) MTB-looping Green Mt.
-November 19th (Saturday) CX/MTB-Highline canal trail
-November 27th (Sunday) Road-looping Castle Pines
-December 3rd (Saturday) Road-Looping Morrison/    Golden/Denver

 Please contact us for more information. 
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Have a great fall season!

Happy Training!

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Training Word  

of the Month

Goal Setting-the process in which a person weighs out the strengths and weaknesses of themselves. Once having this information a plan is enacted to improve those items to attain a personal best at one or several events.   


This type of planning is best done many months prior to the main or 'A' event. A year is a realistic time frame to achieve a set goal. Shorter can still work, but doesn't allow for drops in adherence to the plan.      


The coaches at OES use goal planning to help clients understand how to improve on one's ability to reach a goal. The coach uses tools such as Lactate Threshold testing, RMR, Training Planning Homework and coaching consultations to give the client a wide range of structure. This structure is the driving force to reaching the goal.


Have questions about coaching for improved endurance? Contact us  

2011 VeloSwap

OES Jr. CX Racer

OES Jr. CX racer

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Quote of the Month

"The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain."

~Kahlil Gibran-the third best-selling poet of all time