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September: a great time to look at some great beautiful fall rides and enjoy a decrease in the temperatures. Leaves in the mountains will start turning soon and before we know it the snow will be falling. Make the best of this great time of year in Colorado.  


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  • 2012 OES/BikeSource MTB Team information-Join today! 
  • Plan for Fall/Winter 'Cross season: article by Coach Adam   
  • Links to the races/events that are getting under way for Mountain and Road
  • Add to your vocabulary-training word of the month   
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'Cross Training: Preparing for Cyclocross Season 
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With temperatures continuing to hover in the 90s, it's hard to imagine that the Colorado road racing season is nearing its end. For some, this means a transition away from the rigors of structured training and racing and some well needed rest. But, for an ever increasing group of die-hards, the slow creep towards fall and winter means only one thing, cyclo-cross. 'Cross offers a welcomed change of pace from countless hours spent staring at asphalt and allows those competitive juices to keep flowing for a few more months. So with 'cross season rapidly approaching, here are a few pointers to get you headed in the right direction...[ read full article ]

Nutrition Basics  
Food basket-OES

As a coach, the questions I'm asked most (other than "How do I get faster at X") revolve around nutrition. Some questions revolve around weight loss but most often folks just want to know what to eat in order to be stronger on the bike and avoid the dreaded "bonk". Often the answers boil down to what, when and how much you should be eating both on and off the bike.

The Basics - Let's start with a little bit of physiology. At very low exercise intensities the human body is a fat burning machine. We can exercise at these easy levels for very long periods of time because of an almost endless supply of energy from fat.  Even in very lean individuals there can be over 50,000 calories available of stored fat in the body...[ read full article ]    

2012 OES/BikeSource MTB Team Information
OES/BS 2011 team group September is membership drive and renewal month for OES/BS. 2012 will be the team's 5th year.

Check out the 2012 Flyer for all the details.

Deadline to join is October 5th 2011. Plan to attend a informational meeting being held at the SW BikeSource store (Wadsworth/Belleview) 6-8pm on the 5th of October (final night to join). Sizing for the team kit will be available as well as a presentation on how the team works.
Below are some of the larger points of membership.
  • No race minimums
  • Team rides
  • Communication hub
  • Results tracking via OES website and Facebook 

Please RSVP if your interested in attending and joining.

Join OES for training rides

Fall/Winter '11 ride calendar for OES/BS team rides has been set in motion. Plan to come out and join us as we get back into training together on the weekends. Alternating Sun/Sat at 10am, most rides will be in the 2-4 hour range and a mix of MTB/Road/CX depending on weather. Rides are set up to be 'No Drop' meaning that the group is brought back together at major course changes.

- September 18th (Sunday)  MTB Buffalo Creek from Pine Valley
-September 24th (Saturday) TBD Please check back
-October 2nd (Sunday) TBD Please check back
-October 8th (Saturday) MTB Kenosha Pass

contact us for more information. 
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Have a great fall season!

Happy Training!

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Training Word  

of the Month

Muscular Endurance-the ability of a muscle to resist fatigue.  


Fatigue being described as the inability to continue at the current rate of work. Repetitive movements assist the body's muscles in improving their ability to do more work for longer.     


The coaches at OES use different workouts to help clients get quality muscular work to improve on one's ability to have more endurance. The coach uses areas referred to as 'Zones' in an attempt to maximize the quality of the workouts. This structure allows the coach to assist the client in reaching their desired goals.


Have questions about coaching for improved endurance? Contact us  

Check out this new Public Service Announcement (PSA) by Bicycle Colorado.

Bicycle Colorado Rules of the Road
Bicycle Colorado Rules of the Road

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Quote of the Month

"Really good mountain bikers are lousy judges of trail difficulty. We haven't a clue, we just ride."

~John Olsen-Pioneer of MTB/Trials and frames (See images above right)