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I had to do a double take on the calendar...August!?!? I can't believe it is here already. Tick-tock goes the clock and so does the available time to gain endurance for the summer season. I hope that the past few weeks of training in the heat have gone well and you are poised to have a great fall season of races, rides and events in what is generally the best time of year to be active outside.  


In this newsletter:
  • Plan for Fall with suggestions on dialing in performance: article by coach Kim  
    • I'm faster since my last LT-Bike test, when is a good time to re-test? Ask-a-Coach gives suggestions  
  • Links to the races/events that are getting under way for Mountain and Road
  • Add to your vocabulary-training word of the month   
I have heard back from some of you with great feedback on the newsletter. All of it good and that I should continue on as I have been with the monthly format. Appreciate hearing from you.

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Get back to peak performance for the Fall! 
Lactate Plus testing Kit

As the racing season is in full swing for just a few more months, you may be finding yourself just plugging away. However, planning for the off season can be a huge part of ensuring a proper recovery, setting you up for an even better season next year and addressing any issues or concerns you may have with your performance now. Take these simple steps to evaluate and plan and you'll see even better results in your training.


First, ask yourself if you are satisfied with your current racing results. If yes, then planning for maintenance or improving performance will ensure continued success. But more importantly, if you are not satisfied with your results so far this season take a few moments to identify what the problem is. Not fast enough? Not recovering or feeling bad after racing? Are you experiencing any injuries or feeling strained?


If you are not fast enough or getting the finish times you had hoped for, start with evaluation...[ read full article ]

Are you ready for the Challenge?  
Deer Creek Challenge logo

Known as the toughest century ride in the United States, the Deer Creek Challenge is a cycling event perfect for testing your strength and endurance.    


Course options include 33 miles, 62 miles and 100/89 miles, each with a 4200' elevation gain in the first 16 miles.  All courses start and finish at the base of Deer Creek Canyon, just minutes from central Denver.   


Ride registration fees include a BBQ with free beer, as well as an event t-shirt.  


Get details or register at, then start training!

OES has teamed up with DCC to provide a FREE training plan as well as a resource to get your training questions answered for this unique challenge.  


Small OES Flame John sent in this question below and will receive an OES Specialized Water Bottle! Send in your question for the September newsletter and get one for yourself.

Q: He asks if another Lactate Threshold (LT)test should be performed if he is feeling faster and the workouts feel easier on the bike.

A: Great question John, and one that has multiple answers.  First, here is an article I wrote on this subject. It talks about pulling the season together to Finish Strong!

Second, the timing of a LT test will have a bearing on whether it is time or not to retest. Several months since the last test with a defined, noticeable change in fitness would warrant getting new physiology data on you. The caveat to this would be within a few weeks of the main event for the training cycle. We would avoid testing too close to the event to avoid any mental let downs should the results not be as great as expected. This could ruin a race.

Lastly, the test can be done post event to capture the peak for a training cycle. This information helps the athlete see the full capacity for change in a measured section of time and is helpful for future planning.  
Join OES for training rides

Looking for some late summer climbing prowess? Come out and join Coach Adam for two FREE clinics.

August 6th (Saturday)  OES Climbing Clinic #1
-August 13th (Saturday) OES Climbing Clinic #2

contact us for more information. 
Link-Rocky Mountain Endurance Series #5
Link-Mountain States Cup
Link-American Cycling Association
Link-Winter Park Series
Link-Deer Creek Challenge 
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Exercise Physiology-the study of how body structure and function are altered by exposure to acute and chronic bouts of exercise.  


Acute training is the current days exercise, while the chronic training is the measure of the overall effect of the long term exercise.   


The coaches at OES use physiology when working with data from a Lactate Threshold test to work areas referred to as 'Zones' in an attempt to maximize the quality of the workouts. This structure allows the coach to assist the client in reaching their desired goals.


Have questions about coaching for improved endurance? Contact us  

Check out this new Public Service announcement (PSA) by Bicycle Colorado.

Bicycle Colorado Rules of the Road
Bicycle Colorado Rules of the Road
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Quote of the Month

"As a young child we aspire to a lot of things in life and watching the Tour de France in 1991 and seeing Indurain tear everyone to pieces planted a small seed in my head that continued to grow."

~Cadel Evans-2011 Tour de France champion