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Compared to winter, spring riding has been a breeze in Colorado...literally! For most of us, our daily rides have been filled with looks of either envy or joy as we gaze upon another rider and their relation to the wind. We find ourselves envious of those that are pedaling effortlessly with the wind at their backs or joyful that we just so happen to be traveling in the right direction. Either way, we are all enjoying the simple pleasures of a bike, even if it doesn't feel so simple or pleasurable sometimes.

In this newsletter:

  • Get results from your racing, Coach Kim Boere gives you tips  
  • Going to an event at altitude, Coach Rob talks about ways to prepare 
  • Mid-Summer mountain bike fun, check out a four day trip from Gemini Adventures
  • Annual OES/BS MTB Skills Clinic April 17th, please join us!
  • Links to the races/events that are getting under way for Mountain and Road     

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How to achieve your best race results-the smart way! 

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete looking to improve your race times, peaking at your race is a satisfying way to complete a race or season of races. Although genetics can help athletes, efficient and structured training will ensure that you are reaching your full potential on the course.


Often we believe that a special nutritional supplement, expensive bike or fancy running shoes will give us the best advantage when in fact it is much cheaper and more beneficial than that! With solid goals in mind and expanding your expectations realistically, you can have your best season yet!...[ read full article]

Prepare for the Altitude 

"Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades"---Anonymous.  


This quote seems to beckon the goal for most cycling events. Ascend, ascend, and ascend. So, to provide this for the participants, a large number of cycling events have their routes at an elevation greater than what most folks live at. The aspect of training for an event that not only starts higher than you normally live, but also doubles, triples your normal elevation through the day creates a paradox to which the odds are stacked against us. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is one name given to a condition that affects the human body when it is subjected to a lower oxygen environment. Preparation, knowledge and practice...[read full article]  


Mountain R.A.T.S. MTB Camp 
Gemini AdventuresIt's the ultimate Mountain Bike skills adventure. Four days of jaw dropping views, lung burning ascents, aspen dotted hillsides and carefree ridge riding. You will be coached for four days on the many skills that make up mountain biking while your gear is safely transported each day and your meals are provided for you. Because its lead by seasoned USA Cycling Coach, Rob Lockey, you'll come away with new skills to apply to recreational riding as well as racing. It's like a skills clinic summer camp for adults. Riders can check in Thursday morning and arrive home by Sunday night in time for work on Monday morning.

July 28-31, 2011 Keystone, CO Get More Information  
Join OES for training rides

-April 9th (Saturday) MTB Ridgeline Trails in Castle Rock
-April 17th (Sunday) **FREE** Mountain Bike Skills Clinic
-May 1st (Sunday) MTB Buffalo Creek Trails in Pine

OES/BS MTB Team meets on weekends for rides. The weekend rides alternate Saturday/Sunday starting at 10am. Please join us and bring your friends. Alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes so be sure to check the website prior to joining us.

Spring/Summer weekday rides will be starting soon, please check the calendar link above for details.

contact us for more information. 
Flyer-Rocky Mountain Endurance Series opener
Link-Mountain States Cup
Link-American Cycling Association
Link-Colorado Colfax Marathon
Link-Desert RATS Classic 100K MTB
Link-Winter Park Series
Link-Triple Bypass
Link-Ride the Rockies
Ask-A-Coach section returning for May, please send in a question. The answered question will receive a OES Water Bottle from Specialized.

Happy Training!

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Training Rides
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Annual OES/BS MTB Skills Clinic

Come join the Optimize Endurance Services/BikeSource Mountain Bike Team for an afternoon of bike handling and riding technique instruction at the Highlands Ranch open space trails off Monarch Road.




Sunday April 17th / we will begin at 3PM


Get more information here 


2011 Triple Bypass
Ride the Rockies 2011
Warrior Cycling

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Gemini Adventures

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Quote of the Month

"It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle."

~Ernest Hemingway