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Happy March! Hopefully your early season training is progressing well. But, maybe you need one more reason to jump start your riding. Maybe you are just looking to blow off some extra steam after a hard day at the office. Not to worry, Daylight Saving Time is right around the corner. Prepare to spring those clocks forward, and start logging those evening miles, beginning Sunday, March 13th.

In this newsletter:

  • Have an expectation about the coming season? Coach Adam has some thoughts to help 
  • Ride the Rockies training plans begin March 7th 
  • Still spots open for the Triple Bypass Eastbound route 15 week training plans begin March 28th 
  • Spring training rides are back in session, please join us!
  • Check out this weather App-it will help you plan your outdoor training    

Please pass this along to your friends and family.

Great Expectations 
As winter turns to spring, and trainer miles turn to road miles, we find ourselves having to resist the urge to blow off our structured training in order to spend every sunny hour on the road. "More miles can't hurt", is our typical justification. But quickly our rational selves usually get the best of us and we stay the course, our eyes keen on bigger things to come. We start to envision what the long season ahead might have in store. "This is going to be my year", we always tell ourselves. The year where it's all going to come together, the year that I'll get that upgrade or set that new personal best. We're already thinking about that first event of the season and how we will blow the competition out of the water on the back of an early season of strong training...[read full article]

Ride The Rockies 2011 
Ride the Rockies 2011

OES Training Plans are designed specifically for Ride The Rockies and offer access to a coach. Built for beginner to experienced riders the plans work with your ability and time to train. OES provides these plans via Training Peaks, an on-line interface for coach and client with download capabilities and nutrition tracking. Plans include periodized training, recovery weeks with benchmark tests, a complete strength training plan and a coupon for a lactate threshold test. Having a structured plan like this assists in preparing the participant for the tour, which will enhance the rider's day to day experience. Plans start March 7th 2011.


Keep an eye on the OES website for purchasable training plans for these events and others.   


The Triple Bypass 15-week plans start March 28th 
2011 Triple BypassCheck out the free training plan for the Triple here.

New and improved plans with options for each route begin March 28th. We are offering practice rides of the climbs during three weekends in June, open to anyone. Join OES on the following Saturday/Sunday rides 4th/5th/18th/19th/26th/27th to ride all of the climbs of the route Westbound and Eastbound.

Train for the Triple Bypass with the trusted personal coaching you have come to enjoy from OES.

Join OES for training rides

-March 6th (Sunday) Road Ride on 470-South Platte-Bear Creek-470 back to BikeSource from Highlands Ranch
-March 12th (Saturday) Road Ride from Morrison/470-Looping/climbing route to Golden-Lookout-Kerr Gulch-Bear Creek Canyon
-March 20th (Sunday) Road Ride from BikeSource Highlands Ranch-Looping/Climbing of High Grade-City View-Deer Creek Canyon
-March 26th (Saturday) Road Road from Morrison-bear Creek to Evergreen-Conifer-City View-Turkey Creek-Parmalee Gulch-Bear Creek 
-April 3rd (Sunday)  Road Ride from BikeSource Highlands Ranch-Looping to Confluence park via the South Platte Trail to Cheery Creek and back to BikeSource

OES/BS MTB Team meets on weekends for rides. The weekend rides alternate Saturday/Sunday starting at 10am. Please join us and bring your friends. Alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes so be sure to check the website prior to joining us.

contact us for more information.

Do a Lactate Threshold test to dial in your training zones. OES has openings weekly and a testing day at the Highlands Ranch Southridge rec center. Spots still open for March 15th. Call 303.471.7020

Happy Training!

Thanks for your time,


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I was recently introduced to a new phone App that helps me decide the best window in the weather to train outdoors.

Active Forecast by Windswept Partners LLC gives you the ability to set indicators based on your desirable conditions to train outdoors. It also syncs with TrainingPeaks so the workouts are visible on the day. Locations, windows for training, sharing and a week view are many of the ways to interact with this App

Please visit the Active Forecast at

to get more information on the Lite and Full versions.


I have 5 FREE Full versions to give away! Please contact me to get a coupon code.

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Ride the Rockies 2011
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To ride a bicycle properly is very much like a love affair; chiefly it is a matter of faith. Believe you can do it and the thing is done; doubt, and for the life of you, you cannot."
 ------H.G. Wells, The Wheels of Chance