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Winter settling it's hefty weight on you? Lift yourself up by looking ahead at the wonderful events right here in our great state of Colorado. Register early so you will have something to look forward to this summer.

In this newsletter:

  • Social Media-OES jumps in with both feet 
  • Still spots open for the Triple Bypass Eastbound route 
  • Ride the Rockies website launch on the 6th of February 
  • Fall/Winter training rides are back in session, please join us!
  • Rocky Mountain Sports Imaging-find out your bone health and composition   

Please pass this along to your friends and family.

Do you facebook? 
I personally have avoided the social media avalanche that has been consuming so many of the people we love as it rumbles down the slope of life. I did this by sticking with phone and email. Well, a cornice had grown above me, and as I was writing an email, staring down at the keyboard, I was blindsided by this noise of "you have to do facebook, it will be great for your business". While covered in several feet of wall photos, status updates and 'liking' various pages, I realized that my beacon to be found and pulled up to the surface was to give in and read a news feed, reach out to old acquaintances and create a page for the Optimize Endurance Services/BikeSource mountain bike team.

It's coming up on a month now and I have struggled several times to catch my breath and enjoy the sunlight being cast on me in the form of people accepting my friend request and adding the team page to their life. I hope I will find a balance with this new found communication tool that so many of my fellow friends have made such a big part of their lives.

Please check out the team page by using the link above and follow us as we ride kicking and screaming into the future. The page will update you on team rides, team results and give you access to our great sponsors.  

The Eastbound route is still open 
2011 Triple BypassCheck out the free training plan for the Triple here.

Click here for the registration page.

New and improved plans with options for each route begin January 31st. We are offering practice rides of the climbs 3 weekends in June, which are open to anyone. Train for the Triple Bypass with the trusted personal coaching you have come to enjoy from OES.

Ride The Rockies 2011 
Ride the Rockies 2011

OES Training Plans are designed specifically for Ride The Rockies and offer access to a coach. Built for beginner to experienced riders the plans work with your ability and time to train. OES provides these plans via Training Peaks, an on-line interface for coach and client with download capabilities and nutrition tracking. Plans include periodized training, recovery weeks with benchmark tests, a complete strength training plan and a coupon for a lactate threshold test. Having a structured plan like this assists in preparing the participant for the tour, which will enhance the rider's day to day experience. Plans start March 7th 2011.

Below is a quick list of all the events OES has a sponsor affiliation with for 2011. All great events and different ways to enjoy the sport of cycling. Please visit these websites and sign up and help me make this a great year!


Mountain bike events

Rocky Mountain Endurance Series-Warriors Cycling

MTB Skills camp led by Rob Lockey-Gemini Adventures


Road Events

Triple Bypass-2 new routes added-Team Evergreen

Ride the Rockies-February 6th launch-The Denver Post


Keep an eye on the OES website for purchasable training plans for these events and others.   


Join OES for training rides

-Feb 6th (Sunday) CX/Mountain Bike on 470 trail out and back from Highlands Ranch BikeSource
-Feb 12th (Saturday) Road Ride of Highlands Ranch/Castle Pines/Sky Ridge/470 trail back to Highlands Ranch
-Feb 20th (Sunday) Mountain Bike of the Castle Rock Ridge line trails
-Feb 26th (Saturday) MTB Highlands Ranch Trails 
-Mar 6th (Sunday)  Road Bike - C470/up Platte/West into Bear Creek/East back on C470 to Bike Source

OES/BS MTB Team meets on weekends for rides. The weekend rides alternate Saturday/Sunday starting at 10am. Please join us and bring your friends. Alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes so be sure to check the website prior to joining us.

contact us for more information.

February and March are great times to do a Lactate Threshold test to dial in your training zones. OES has two testing days at the Highlands Ranch Southridge rec center. Spots still open for February 15th/March 15th.
Call 303.471.7020

Happy Training!

Thanks for your time,


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Rocky Mountain Sports Imaging  

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Have you ever wanted to know your exact total body fat? Are you trying to lose fat and gain muscle mass, and would you like to track your results? Do you have a family history of osteoporosis but can't do a bone density scan because your insurance won't cover it? Now you can get these tests at an affordable rate without compromising your health or your wallet.

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) is the Gold standard for measuring total body fat composition. As well as determining bone density, which can assist with staving off decline in bone health by having the knowledge of where you are at. This baseline will assist in making the right choices in nutrition and exercise for long term activities.

Give RMSI a call and let them know OES sent you for $10 off a scan. 303.327.8252

RMSI website link 

My personal experience with DEXA scans has been two fold. Prior to my career as an endurance coach, I participated in a study of body composition measures. Out of all the different ways to determine one's composition, the DEXA scan was the least invasive. Since I began my work in this field, I have followed up with RMSI to double check my lean mass as well as bone density. It's something I will do from time to time to make sure I'm staying healthy.  


2011 Triple Bypass
Ride the Rockies 2011
Warrior Cycling

RME Warriors Cycling

Gemini Adventures

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"Compare yourself to yourself. That's the most satisfying way to achieve improvement."
     ------Mary Jane Reoch- was inducted into the Bicycle Hall of Fame in 1994. She had 11 national championships prior to an untimely death while coaching in 1993