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Wow, almost Turkey day and still no snow to speak of, we all must have been really good this year to receive this great weather for late season training. Hopefully we don't pay to much for it come spring time.

OES/BikeSource Mountain Bike Team open for enrollment for 2011. Get all the details and join up before the deadline.

Year to year improvement, Ask-a-Coach discusses simple ways to make it happen.

Fall/Winter training rides are back in session, please join us!

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Transitions: A Time for Recovery
Transition is a topic usually left for the few minutes at the end of a long discussion about periodization. By definition the word means passage from one condition to another. For an athlete the shift from training to racing can be one transition and another can be racing to training. As the seasons come and go, whether talking about actual spring to summer, mountain bike to cyclocross or build phase to peak phase, a transition is involved. From a training standpoint the transition needs recovery built in for future improvement.

Recovery is another topic usually left as assumed to be understood. By definition recovery means to regain health. Training is supposed to be a healthy way to live, right? So, why would there be a need to regain that health?
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Physiology Word of the Month
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Use this word in a sentence this month

Crossover concept-The concept that as exercise intensity increases, at some point carbohydrate rather than fat becomes the predominant fuel for muscle contraction.

This graph depicts how the concept looks. By improving your metabolic efficiency, the ability to do more work with fat, you effectively shift the point closer to the right side. The change results in less of a need to feed during exercise and results in fewer digestive issues.
Question:  I believe I had a great spring/summer of training and as the fall and winter approach I'm worried about loosing all this fitness. What can I do to continue on this path and have continued gains next year? 

The product of training done in a structured focus means that there are times of large training and times of little training. To find gains from season to season, year to year, a balance of the training needs to have both. Said another way, you can't continue to increase the workload all year long and expect to improve for the next year.

The need to build in less work or recovery is an essential ingredient to produce the intended result of yearly improvement. The article in this newsletter Transitions: A Time for Recovery outlines this aspect. This is also a great time to start a food journal.

Once the recovery phase is complete you will be more than prepared to begin the base/build phases for your improved performances the next year. These 3 articles discuss this periodization (Part 1/Part 2/ Part 3).

Best of luck!
Join OES for training rides

-Nov 7th (Sunday) Mountain Bike Team Member only
-Nov 13th (Saturday) Mountain Bike Bear Creek Lake
-Nov 21st (Sunday) Mountain Bike Green Mtn looping through BCLP/Dakota Ridge
-Nov 28th (Sunday) OES/BS Team Volunteer day at the Boulder Cyclocross race
-Dec 5th (Sunday) Road Bike HR BikeSource looping through Confluence and Cherry Creek

OES/BS MTB Team meets on weekends for rides. The weekend rides alternate Saturday/Sunday starting at 10am. Please join us and bring your friends. Alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes so be sure to check the website prior to joining us.

contact us for more information.
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The OES/BikeSource MTB team is open for enrollment for the 2011 season. Deadline to join is November 17th 2010

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Quote of the Month
"Cycling takes so many hours to train and so many years to be really strong. Being good at cycling doesn't happen beacause you train hard one year."
     ------Rune Hoydahl-winner of 11 World Cup mountain bike races