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Hard to believe that summer is here and with it the beginning of bike tours, road and mountain bike events as well as many triathlon series. Embrace the month of June, it won't be here for long, can't say that for the heat though.

How fast can an event be completed? Ask-a-Coach discusses pacing strategy. Wanting to improve on hill climbing? See our in-depth article on successful climbing.
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Prepare for Successful Climbing
Mountain Scene
Turn that mountain into a molehill. Many cyclists mentally increase the size of a climb and let it tower over them, when a few simple processes can make the ascent more pleasant.

Mental preparation brings about a toughness that will help you perform better. Having an understanding of the elevation gained over the distance to the top and the types of pitches will help you to formulate a plan to attack it. Take your average climbing speed and the miles of the climb you want to do to assess the time it will take to ascend it. Nothing will be more crushing to your confidence than to know that you're still only halfway when you thought you would be at the top already. Cut the climb into manageable segments and take a break when you feel overwhelmed. Refocus by looking around and enjoying the scenery....[ read full article ]
Physiology Word of the Month
ATP Model
Use this word in a sentence this month

Adenosine triphosphate-also known as ATP; this high energy phosphate compound found in the body is a major form of energy available for immediate use in the cells. Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein are the three nutrients that are used by the body to create ATP. Carbohydrates and Fat are the cells preferred avenue to make ATP and this can be done with (aerobic) or without (anaerobic) oxygen. One thing to note is that as the body becomes more anaerobic it loses the ability to use fat to make ATP and the amount or ATP created in this state isn't as plentiful as when an aerobic state exists. This becomes one very good reason to fuel your body while doing higher intensity training.
Question:  With my goal event fast approaching, how can I set a time goal if I haven't done the event and/or distance before? 

Pace will be what you need to determine to assist in a time goal. This will help you know whether you are capable of the goal based on what you are able to do in training. Pace can be figured as miles an hour on the bike or minutes per mile on the run.

So, let's assume your event is a century on the bike. 100 miles completed in 6 hours is an average of 16.7mph (miles per hour). You find in training on your longer rides that your average speed is more around 13mph which will be a 7:40:00 time to completion for that century. There are a plethora of calculators on the web to assist in narrowing down your goal time.

For timed events I suggest planning any aid station time (non ride time) which means you'll need to average a faster speed since the clock is racing against you.
Join OES for training rides
-June 20th (Sunday) Triple Bypass Training Road ride climbing Loveland pass from Idaho Springs
-June 27th (Sunday) Triple Bypass Training Road ride climbing Swan Mt and Vail pass from Keystone
OES/BS MTB Team meets on weekends for rides. The weekend rides alternate Saturday/Sunday. Please join us and bring your friends. Alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes so be sure to check the website prior to joining us.

contact us for more information.
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Featured Event

Ride the Rockies_2010

The Denver Post Ride The Rockies is an annual bicycle tour that takes 2,000 cyclists, assisted by more than 100 volunteers, on a 6-7 day ride on paved roads through Colorado's Rocky Mountains each June.

In celebration of 25 years, RTR patrons will be treated to a seven-day, 532-mile trek, ascending four of Colorado's most scenic mountain passes including Red Mountain, Coal Bank, Wolf Creek and Poncha. Cyclists will also travel Molas Divide and experience two natural wonders in the Colorado National Monument and the Grand Mesa.

Optimize Endurance Services is one of many great sponsors involved with this event. OES has provided training plans to RtR for the last two years as well as participation in the tour itself.

     Ride the Rockies_2010

Quote of the Month
"Perhaps the best reason to enjoy hill climbing is that it has something all great sports possess: the marriage of brute strength and finely honed technique."
     ------Steve Casimiro-Journalist