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Seems like only a few weeks ago I was saying Happy New Year to you and now look, it's time to pay taxes and get out and ride in the wind, a lesser know fact of April. Embrace the wind and push your lactate up to higher levels so you can get better at the management of it for the summer events soon to be on us. Learn below how this happens.

April is Autism Awareness Month and Matt Hollas is a Community Sponsored Athlete. OES is working with him to assist in raising money for autism, through a 24 hour event to take place in September called Reid's Ride.

Ascent or bust, Ask-a-Coach touches on possible reasons why that climb doesn't feel so good this early in the season.
Please pass this along to your friends and family.
An Athlete's Chemical Affair: Lactate as a Fuel
Lactate Plus testing Kit
As the science of sport evolves, coaches like me must learn to adapt to the new thoughts on how the human body reacts to exercise. In the not so distant past it was believed that lactate caused the muscles to stop working...brought on fatigue...and an athlete wouldn't be able to do anymore work once they went beyond the threshold for lactate. A much larger school of belief now looks at lactate as an important tool in an athlete's toolbox.

Well, to tackle the subject of metabolic pathways in a short article will surely be a tough task and I hope to show you the complexity and then explain the simple fact of what is happening. So...[ read full article ]
A Whiter White Rim Adventure!
White Rim MTB Epic 2010
Adventure comes in many forms. The 2010 OES/BS White Rim trip ended in a blizzard in the desert! Not what you want to encounter at the end of 100 miles in a day on a MTB. This video produced by Patrick Johnson sums up the Epic day in the saddle. [ YouTube Link ]
Question:  With the nicer weather I have been able to get outside more and increase my training by more than double. This past week I'm really struggling to feel comfortable on climbs. What will help me to get past this?

There are a few possibilities here. Now that you have been getting out and increasing the rides, you no doubt have increased intensity as well. Make sure you are comsuming adequate fuel for these increases. Under fueling is very common and can easily be cured.

With the increases you might not be recovering properly from this new bout of intensity. Make sure to build in a full day off or a very easy day spinning to assist your body in replenishment of vital stores of energy.

Trainer work through the winter is great, but it leaves the body mentally and physically lacking on the climbs. Give it some time and your body will come back around to feel more comfortable on the climbs due to the adaptation of above threshold work the hill forces you to do.

Each of these could be the single solution or more likely a combination of these will assist improvement of climbs for you.
Join OES for training rides
-April 11th (Sunday) Mountain Bike Skills Clinic-Free on hand instruction from the OES MTB Team Info Flyer
-April 17th (Saturday) Road looping ride of Left hand Canyon/Ward/Lyons
(alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes)
-April 25th (Sunday) Road ride climbing century from Deer Creek Canyon
(alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes)
-May 1st (Saturday) Road looping through Evergreen
(alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes)
OES/BS MTB Team meets on weekends for rides. The weekend rides alternate Saturday/Sunday. Please join us and bring your friends.

Tuesday Evening MTB Rides start April 13th!
Please contact us for more information.
Happy Training!

Thanks for your time,
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Matt Hollas
Matt Hollas
I've been riding bikes for as long as I can remember. I can still recall the day that I got my training wheels off my little, red hand-me-down bike. Since then, it has been a life of different roads and trails taken.
Growing up in Houston, Texas, cycling was not the most popular sport to dive into. However, when I saw Greg LeMond riding in the 1986 Tour de France, I found my passion. In high school, I had the wonderful experience of racing road, track and some mountain biking. At that time, my coach was bike shop owner that simply took me and my friends in and let us hang out, all the while listening to his tales of racing in the 70's.....(full article)

Hollas Family
     Ride the Rockies_2010
        Ride the Rockies_2010

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