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March is here and it appears it's arriving as a lamb, this can only mean it will leave as a lion. So, we will be watching the snow fall as we ride our trainers. Not to fret, daylight savings time will be here soon, which will help those after work rides. 
Starting a food journal will help you determine a path of improvement from a stand point of food.This is a great time of year to dial in your nutrition for the training season.

Are you a Mom or Dad with kids trying to balance the many facets of family and personal improvement, featured athlete Melody Serra has found a way to do it.

There is a time and a place for every workout, Ask-a-Coach touches on high intensity during the winter.
Please pass this along to your friends and family.
Start a Food Journal and Watch Your Endurance Grow
Food Journal
Our society is wrought with symbols of it to the point of worship. It is our sustenance, nourishment, fuel, energy, calories along with countless other words to describe it. Food. Call it whatever you want, but the revolution of production in the food industry has created a bounty like no other in history. With such an abundance of choice and ideas on how and when to consume it, many of us have lost a sense of what the basic purpose of it is: to provide health and energy.

I hesitate to open a dialogue about the world of diets...consuming this over that, this counts more than those count and eat this macronutrient over that macronutrient, but I offer yet another way to interact with food. Being an endurance coach, I get to see the deficits incurred in expenditure from workouts of many different clients. The one thing I have noticed most is the tendency to under-consume calories.
Question:  I have read, while training in the winter, that the intensity should be kept low with small amounts of time at higher intensity. How do I determine higher intensity for me and how often should I do this?

Depending on what your training for and when that event is, will set up the workouts to be lower intensity or trend towards higher intensity. Most of us are usually preparing in the winter months for events in May through September, so now (Jan-Feb-Mar)is good for lower intensity. I suggest that you look to get harder training days at least 2 to 3 times a month and these should be progressive (each one getting more intense).

It is best to perform a Lactate Threshold test to determine all levels of intensity for the individual. This can also be done as a field test, not as accurate, but more useful than guessing.

Try this for a high intensity day: 1 hour total-warm up 20 minutes pushing towards the high end of your comfortable pace by the end of the warm up. Now do what is called a Criss-Cross for 20 minutes in which you go as hard as you can for 2 minutes and then slow down just slightly (should still be above comfortable pace) for 2 minutes and repeat back and forth until 20 minutes is reached. Now cool down for 20 minutes and you're done.
Join OES for training rides
-March 6th (Saturday) CX/MTB looping ride in the Buffalo Creek area. Car pooling to get to the start area of Pine Valley.  (alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes)
-March 13/14th (Saturday/Sunday) No team ride planned due to Moab/White rim MTB trip
-March 20th (Saturday) Mandatory OES/BS MTB Team meeting (OES Team members only please) Uniform handout and pictures. MTB Ride after in South Valley.(alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes)
-March 28th (Sunday) Road ride of City View loop (alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes)
-April 3rd (Saturday) MTB Bear Creek Lake Park
(alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes)
OES/BS MTB Team meets on weekends for rides. The weekend rides alternate Saturday/Sunday. Please join us and bring your friends.
Please contact us for more information.
Happy Training!

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Melody Serra OES Sponsored racer
Melody Serra
Racing will teach you things about yourself.  For me, racing awakened a competitive side that I didn't know existed.  I started mountain biking in the mid 1990s but racing never crossed my mind.  After all, I wasn't very fast, or strong, and women don't race, do they?  Especially when they are moms!  All that changed with a spin class in 2002 and an instructor who suggested I enter a race.  And what an interesting ride it's been for me since then! 
I started with a few duathlons (running and biking) that year, adding swimming to the mix with triathlons the following year.  Triathlon was okay but really I just wanted to race anything that went uphill, no matter the bike...(full article)

Melody Serra OES Sponsored racer_Medal 2009
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        Ride the Rockies_2010

Quote of the Month
"Women are attracted to cycling because they can compete with men. What women lack in muscle mass can be compensated for by savvy, willpower, and endurance. The bike is a great equalizer because the strongest are not always the best."
     ------Connie Carpenter Phinney