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 January 2010

Happy New Year! We wish you the best and we're here to help it become just that.
This issue has an article about the importance of strength training, featured athlete Larry Manchester, OES/BS mountain bike team member, and more OES news.
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What's strength have to do with it?

What's strength have to do with it?So, what does strength have to do with it? Well, everything when it comes to health. When performed properly and in periodized fashion, strength training can enhance all facets of daily life. These include daily active living and exercise. 

Daily active living includes a multitude of body movements like: getting in and out of bed, bathing, reaching for the cereal box on the top shelf, walking up and down stairs, and carrying groceries into the house from the car. Basically everything we do as mobile humans involves the use of muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and bones. Without some measure of strength we would be hard pressed to complete even the easiest of daily tasks. With our world of reduced physical labor, it becomes important to take up strength training to maintain our physical being. 

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Join OES for training rides this winter 
-January 17th (Sunday) Two options availble Road or MTB
     -Road ride option-Loop of Bear Creek Trail/South Platte Trail/Clear Creek Trail/Golden from Morrison
     -MTB ride Option-Medicine Wheel Trails at Lake Pueblo State Park (alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes)
-January 23rd (Saturday) MTB of Bear Creek Lake Park (alternate ride will be posted if weather interferes)
-January 31st (Sunday) Road ride looping from BikeSource to Franktown and back through Highlands Ranch 
-February 6th (Saturday) Road ride of Lariat loop from Morrison 
OES/BS MTB Team meets on weekends for rides. The weekend rides alternate Saturday/Sunday. Please join us and bring your friends.
Please contact us for more information.

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Next month will start an ongoing Ask-a-Coach column. Please submit questions on topics pertaining to coaching, testing, racing or competition and we'll answer them in the newsletter. 
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Featured Athlete

Larry Manchester-OES/BS team member
Larry Manchester
As I enter my 3rd season of coached training, I ask myself if it has been worth the investment...the answer is a resounding yes!
Let me start by giving a little background on my amateur racing career. I have competed since 1994, with a life adjustment (fatherhood) break from 2002-2005. Prior to my hiatus, I completed a relatively successful season in the Expert class...
 (full article)
Quote of the Month
"Machines don't break records. Muscles do."
     ------Lon Haldeman (Lon's achievements in RAAM had a tremendous impact on the birth of ultra distance cycling.)