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2012 Medicare Marketing Guidelines

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From United, please read and comply. 



Guidance for Processing Enrollment Requests Received at the Closing of

Last night CMS announced an approach to accommodate consumers who had difficulty enrolling in these final days of AEP (Annual Election Period). This is not an extension of AEP; CMS guidance now allows beneficiaries additional time to complete an enrollment if their attempts were unsuccessful prior to December 8. UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions is committed to meeting this beneficiary demand. 

Agent Enrollments

If you have beneficiaries you have been in contact with during AEP, you are able to inform these consumers that while AEP ended on December 7, if they attempted an enrollment before December 8 by any means and were unsuccessful they may be still able to enroll through December 10. If the consumer confirms this is the situation they encountered, agents can accept their application through December 10 by 11:59 pm local time. Agents should use standard application submission processes to accommodate these consumers. Please use actual dates on the application, do not back date applications.


All AEP marketing must cease after 11:59 pm local time on December 7. However, you may continue marketing to individuals who are eligible to enroll in their plans outside of AEP (e.g., Age-ins, beneficiaries who relocate or dual-eligible beneficiaries who have an on-going SEP).

Mail Enrollments

All paper enrollments mailed directly to UnitedHealthcare MUST be postmarked by December 8, 2011 or earlier in order to be accepted as an AEP enrollment.

Plan for UnitedHealthcare Telesales 

Due to high call volumes in our call center, we may be directing consumers to call us back or refer them to a field agent. Agents should continue to watch their leads and respond accordingly. Again, you must confirm with the consumer if they qualify for this accommodation or another election period (IEP). The deadline for submitting any additional AEP applications is 11:59 pm local time on Saturday, December 10, 2011.

Web Enrollments

For all web enrollments, UnitedHealthcare must reach out to the consumer to validate the election period which may cause a delay in the application processing.  For this reason, we prefer you use iEnroll/eModel or refer consumers to Telesales at 1-800-547-5514.

Additional Information

Provided is a Frequently Asked Questions document detailing additional questions you may have. Please contact your manager if you have any additional questions or contact the Producer Help Desk (PHD) by email at . Please include your Agent Writing ID in the request.


Thank you.



Genesis Business Capital, Inc.


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