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Dear (Contact First Name),
Congratulations, you all have done a great job this year. Production against last year enrollment remains close to 100%, or a little higher. Insurance plans, FMOs, GAs, brokers in general have had had a good year, many not as expected.

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding this year's dateline of December 7th; there are different interpretations from plans, FMO, MGA, etc. I usually like to get the information from the source, attached is the official CMS communication, it is very clear the Annual Enrollment Period is over at the end of December 7th 2011.

Yes, you can complete or help clients that started the process before December 7th, submit the paperwork  by December 10th; you are not allowed to market for AEP no more; please be very careful with secret shoppers. If we are talking to any clientt to whom we left a message, missed an appointment, help them; if not stay away from new marketing. Remember you have to use December 7th as the application date.

Please ask: Did you try to enroll before December 7th? If the answer is yes, proceed to help them complete the enrollment; if the answer is no, just tell them they can make any changes next year starting on October 15th to December 7th 2012.

Please read the communication and remain compliant,

Click the following link: CMS App processing 2011


Thank you.
Gustavo N. Pacheco

Genesis Business Capital, Inc.

Introducing Community Assistance Program (CAP)


WeThe CAP program is a a way to assist the uninsured and underinsured with prescription drugs. The program offers a prescrittion discount card that saves on average 15% on brand name drugs and 55% on generic; there is no cost for obtaining a card.


It is an added value to your practice. There are distributors opportunities nationwide, upon request, we will send you 20 sample Prescription Drug Discount Card by mail you can request them at or call us at




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