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After a great 2011 AEP, here we are, close to July 4th and all indicates we should start getting ready for 2012 AEP season. This will be the transition year for the new the AEP that starts on October 15th ending on December 7th. The good news is that in 2012 the amount of seniors will increase by 14% nationwide, meaning more seniors will be looking for help; if you were busy last year, just expect an increased workload; it will also be a great season for new brokers. 


We have more services for brokers including pre-licensing, discounted prescription drug plan, commissions paid twice a month  and continuing education program; all of these services have resulted in continued and healthy organizational growth. We are adding one national carrier and one NY local carrier as well; while we have access to a myriad of products we keep focus on Medicare products, MAPD and Supplement Insurance.


The 2011 National Medicare "Train the Trainer" Workshop, starts in Chicago June 28th, and will go to 10 different cities around the nation. From July 27th through the 29th, they will be at Atlantic City, NJ; detailed information can be found under Quick Links. It is a good refresher for experienced agents as well as a great learning experience for new agents entering the industry.


The much needed AHIP certification is ready; let's make sure that we have an early start. Over the years i have been sharing with you the updated Marketing Regulations; in addition, I have always shared what has been working successfully by agents within our distribution system:


1. Be a strong Medicare person in your area first. Review your zip-code what churches you can visit, senior centers, community centers, doctors, pharmacies you should master your own zip code and surrounding areas.


3. Does internet leads work for you? Or mail marketing result in better ROI?


4. What about, you get the call; you send the information and receive an enrollment back? Everything without the need of "travel time" only phone time.


5. Referrals, if you do a good job, you will always have referrals, i have seen agents who work over 90% on referrals only, you think this agent is doing something right?


Strategies will work different from agent to agent, many of you have established what works; or some do a combination of efforts. We will keep you posted with new certifications dates (some will start July, 15th), carrier presentations, teleconferences, webinars, etc. Let's go and do what we do best, become the much needed trusted advisor for our seniors.


Let's get ready! Thank you.


Gustavo N. Pacheco


Genesis Business Capital, Inc.


Introducing Community Assistance Program (CAP)


WeThe CAP program is a a way to assist the uninsured and underinsured with prescription drugs. The program offers a prescrittion discount card that saves on average 15% on brand name drugs and 55% on generic; there is no cost for obtaining a card.


It is an added value to your practice. There are distributors opportunities nationwide, upon request, we will send you 20 sample Prescription Drug Discount Card by mail you can request them at [email protected] or call us at




For more information visit our website at 

AHIP 2012 Certification, get ready now!

Medicare 2011 - 2012 Course Now Available


Get a jump start on the most recent Medicare rules and regulations from CMS by signing up today for the course from the AHIP Center for Insurance Education and Professional Development                    .

The easy-to-maneuver online course provides the latest Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) updates and regulations for the coming year. From the basics of Medicare fee-for-service eligibility and benefits to the different types of Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans and the marketing and enrollment requirements under the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs, this course will guide you toward a successful Medicare open enrollment season.

Why Start Early?
By taking this course this summer, you'll have plenty of time to prepare to comply with the CMS guidance provided in this course. In addition, you'll have time to take additional courses offered by some health plans, and if you work with clients, you'll be ready to guide them as soon as open enrollment begins. 

Get Ahead Starting Now.
Visit the Center's
website today for more information on the Center's 2011-2012 Medicare Marketing course.