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Annual Enrollment Period AEP, Nov 15 -Dec 31 2009
Annual Enrollment Period
Aetna, Emblem, United, Wellpoint

FACTS: Currently, more than 11% of the U.S. population is over 65 years old; a number that is expected to swell to nearly 20%in 2030; 16.7 million Medicare-eligible Americans have purchased Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and 20% of them shop for a new plan each year.

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This message goes to all producers and friends of GBC. AEP is here, hopefully you started to help your Medicare clientele. Good for the ones who certified on time, if you are still not certified, you are not too late. However, the more "prime" time you take, the less time to enroll you will have; November 15th to December 31st.
I am pleased to announce that two General Agencies have joined forces with GBC:
1. Fage Financial Services, Inc. - Gary Smith, CEO
2. American Health Capital, Inc. - Joy Dacosta Fasciglione, CEO
Gary and Joy, both bring tremendous Medicare knowledge, aware of the challenges and know the compliance regulations. I welcome all their agents to this Medicare team. 
Sales, what should I expect? Agents ask me. Your goals varies depending on the amount of time you put into it. Marketing events work different depending on the individual, some of you may have your marketing site developed by the carrier, others will have their own self-developed site. We have employee benefits, retirement, life specialists whose focus is not Medicare Advantage, however, they have gone through the certification process.
The following are aggressive but healthy targets:
100% Medicare agents: looking at 75+ sales
First year agents,
100% Medicare agents: 50 sales enrollments
50% of your time: 25 enrollments
25% of your time: 15 enrollments
Please do not get concerned if you are not reaching these numbers, at the end of the day I prefer you to feel comfortable with your own goals. 

1 Aetna - Fax to: (866) 548-1152
Scope of Appointment needed.

Aetna Supplement fax front page to: (866) 548-1152
And mail to: Aetna Life Insurance Company
  PO Box 13547
  Pensacola, FL 32591-3547

2 Emblem Health - Fax to: (866) 548-1152
Scope of Appointment not needed

3 United - Fax to: (866) 548-1152 
  Secure Horizons
  Scope of Appointment not needed

AARP Supplement mail to:    
  United HealthCare Insurance Companies
  PO Box 105331
  Atlanta, GA 30348-9534

4 Wellpoint - Fax to: (866) 548-1152
Scope of Appointment not needed

Anthem Supplement mail to:
Enrollment Processing Center
PO Box 5007
Middletown, NY 10940-9007

Agent Support:  Elaine Owens (914) 909-2548
or you can email her at:
We are always in the field, helping agents with their appointments, developing marketing opportunities, compliance help, marketing materials, we will be there to help you. Our goal is to help you position your business for the future and the future includes senior products and services. You can find information at our website 
or give us a call at: 888-320-4340 or 914-909-2548.
Let us go out there and make some income while we help Seniors.
Thank you.
Gustavo N. Pacheco
Genesis Business Capital, Inc.