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Second Chance Rescue
Convention 2010
Landscaping Challenge
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Community Service 
Since 2008, members  have shown their support for Second Chance Rescue a local
non-profit organization. We've held various events and activities to generate donations for animal rescue. Last year, the chapter hosted a community yard sale which helped raise more than $2,000. This year's yard sale will be held off-campus but you can still help by donating items to sell.
Call (386) 569-6082
If you are planning for a year, sow rice; 
If you are planning for a decade, plant trees; 

If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.

Chinese proverb

Wanting to find a catchy intro for this newsletter, I researched quotes about communication - according to Walt Disney "Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language." Hopefull you'll read on - especially to the "Landscaping Challenge" article and take the time to view the slideshow (pictures) of our antics. 
In an effort to attract new members, more than 650 college employees received letters in May extolling the benefits of being an FACC member...this is just one of many planned activities to attract new members. Earlier this year we kept non-members informed of the legislative issues, and will continue to target them with communication pieces until they give-in and decide to become a member!
The Daytona State College chapter currently boast more than 340 members - to reach our 50% of employees goal we need to sign-up at least 180 new members. If you have any suggestions/ideas for a membership drive, please contact Allie Ryan at ext. 4588 or
Convention 2010
In recent years, the chapter has not had the funds available to send a delegation to the annual Convention. After meeting with Dr. Sharples earlier this year to discuss possible funding for as many as 10 members to attend Convention (scheduled for Nov. 17 - 19 in Jacksonville), I'm delighted to report that we have his support. Convention is a great opportunity to network and for professional development - hopefully this will inspire you to become more involved at the chapter and/or State level with FACC. 
Charlene Latimer handed off the chapter president baton to me in January and to help guide the chapter to greater heights, I want other members to take on leadership roles - afterall this is a democracy - long live the Republic!
  • President-Elect (3-year term, 1) President-Elect (2010), 2) President (2011), 3) Immediate Past President (2012)
  • Treasurer (1-year term) - maintain the chapter treasury and budget forecasting
  • Membership Chair (1-year term) - responsible for recruitment of chapter members
  • Secretary (1-year term) - record the minutes of chapter meetings, etc.
Last year, the chapter was recognized for its yearbook submission receiving silver in the annual contest. With leadership provided by Michiko Gosney, this year we are "going for gold" - many thanks and kudos to Michi for creating this year's entry.  VIEW ENTRY
Landscape Challenge 
Landscaping Challenge
On Saturday, July 10, 2010, members of the Daytona State College chapter volunteered their time and talents to lay sod, plant shrubs and spread mulch for the West Volusia Habitat for Humanity. Click on the image to view a slideshow of their antics!