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June 23, 2010
20th Anniversary of ADA
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What does an architect think of the ADA?
Accessible Treehouses
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ADA 20th Anniversary
July 26, 2010 is the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilites Act.
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Architects, interior designers, engineers, facility managers, and related building ADA Companion Guideprofessionals will find this to be a handy guide to the latest Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), as published by the U.S. Access Board in the Federal Registry in 2004 and subsequently updated. As this book went to press in 2010, the U.S. Justice Department was expected to soon adopt the latest ADAAG, as covered in this book.
These guidelines have been revamped to offer more cohesive architectural guidance that improves the accessible design of buildings for individuals with special needs. Learn what the essentials of these revised guidelines are with this handy reference- what has changed, what hasn't, how to apply the guidelines, and what effect they will have on both the public and private sectors.

The ADA Companion Guide combines the complete ADAAG and ABA guidelines with explanations, commentary, and illustrations, offering easy-to-follow guidance on how to eliminate unnecessary architectural barriers for persons with disabilities.
To purchase a copy go to: http://www.abadiaccess.com/
What does an architect think of the ADA?
Marcela Abadi RhoadsThank you to Abadi Accessibility News for asking me to weigh in with my opinion as we approach the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Accessible Treehouses...do you have one in your state?
Deb Young
Calendar of Events
July 29 4th Annual REHAB SUMMIT by Cross Country Education
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