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We focus this month on (2) technologies; a unique method of joining and an extremely robust, flexible interconnect method for high reliability applications: Vacuum Brazing and Sculpted Flex. Please contact us anytime with questions or new applications requiring related interconnect requirements. 


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  Southern California Interconnect News
Vacuum Brazing

Elcon Precision - Vacuum Brazed Assemblies 


Brazing is a highly effective method for joining a metal part to either a ceramic part or another metal part using a filler metal called braze alloy. In order to ensure a strong bond, Elcon utilizes a variety of braze alloys, platings and coatings based on the specific requirements of your assembly and application. One of the major advantages is Elcon proprietary metallization paints which can create a more robust bond than commercially available paints. The unique capabilities and expertise in problem solving enable us to deliver assemblies that would otherwise be impractical or ineffective.

Assemblies are protected from oxidation through the use of either a hydrogen atmosphere or a vacuum. The vacuum furnace also allows for active metal brazing, a special process that eliminates the need for metallization, lowering part cost. Elcon's skilled technical support team can help determine if your design is a candidate for active metal brazing.




Vulcan Electric: Sculpted Flex


  • Board-to-board jumper
  • Replacement for discreet wire harness
  • Direct connect replaced connector hardware
  • Consumer appliances and equipment
  • Automotive electronics
  • Communications and controls

Vulcan Flex Circuit Corporation introduces a line of Sculpted Flex Circuit Jumpers designed to provide a quick, inexpensive, flexible interconnect in a high reliability environment. These items are presented as a more robust and flexible alternative to wire jumpers and ribbon cables.


The sculpted flex jumpers are made from common copper sheet stock which is "sculpted" to be thin in the body of the jumper - for increased flexibility away from the rigid lead area(s) - and thick at the ends to form a lead that can be terminated in several ways. The leads can be provided in several common configurations to serve your termination needs, and can be formed at right angles or "S" bends.


The scupted flex jumpers are insulated with common unreinforced polyimide films in standard or flame retardant ratings, with modified acrylic or epoxy adhesive systems. The result is an interconnect that has superior operational capabilities:


  • Very flexible - capable of bending in more than one axis
  • Able to withstand very high temperatures
  • Impervious to most chemicals and harsh environments
  • Best electrical signal integrity - power, grounding, impedance
Features of Sculpted Flex:
  • A Sculpted or Chemically Milled Circuit is a heavy copper process and product that enables terminations to be etched into a variety of configurations and/or formed for hardware free connections.
  • Terminations down to 1mm center to center pitch densities are considered highly producible. Any combination of pitch densities may be manufactured on the same circuit thus satisfying current carrying needs and signal requirements on a common design.
  • Standard process method is to retain the .010" thickness for the exposed fingers and to chemically mill the flexible portion to a thickness of .004" .001".
  • Epoxy/Glass rigid stiffeners may be applied to one or two sides to stabilize surface mount components.
  • Conductive Silver Epoxy may provide shielding on one or two sides.
  • Flame retardant materials can be selected when required.
  • A variety of finishes are available for RoHS compliance.
  • Circuits can be laminated to reinforced material (Epoxy/glass rigid laminate), providing a "palletized" platform to facilitate automatic component assembly

More info. from the Vulcan website