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May 2010 
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Unveiling the New FishCAM
Popular Comic Book Translated Into Chinese
Project Highlight: Bald Eagle Recovery Appearing the Rise on the Channel Islands
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The Montrose Settlements Restoration Program (MSRP) invites you to read the latest issue of our newsletter. Our newsletter is now electronic and has a new design allowing us to send more frequent updates to keep you better informed. 
We hope that you will enjoy the restoration stories that we have selected for you below. We also appreciate your continued interest in our restoration efforts!
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Unveiling the new FishCAM
Huntington Beach, California 
eel grass at huntington beach wetlandsMSRP introduces a new educational product...a FishCAM! The FishCAM is an underwater camera that provides 360 degree live views of the underwater world. The camera is currently in the waters of Huntington Beach Wetlands watching the marine life that lurks there. MSRP hopes to show the connection between wetlands and the many marine species that inhabit these ecosystems using the FishCAM. Wetlands provide shelter and food to many young fish species so they can grow and eventually move out to the open ocean. Some fish species like the California Halibut use wetlands as a nursery ground and then return to feed later in their life cycle. MSRP will make the Huntington Beach FishCAM accessible on our website in the near future. Stay tuned!
Popular Comic Book Translated Into Chinese 
San Gabriel, California
cover of chinese comic bookThe Asian Youth Center (AYC), a community group in the greater Los Angeles area, has translated the popular MSRP comic book, "What's the Catch?," into Chinese (Mandarin). They are distributing both English and Chinese versions of the comic book to the local community. AYC is also providing afterschool and evening workshops to teach students and adults about safe fishing practices to reduce the consumption of contaminants found in certain fish species. AYC is currently working on a translation of the MSRP Fish Identification card into Chinese that will be available for distribution soon.
Download "What's the Catch?" comic book (English/Chinese/Spanish).
Project Highlight: Bald Eagle Recovery Appearing to Rise on the Channel Islands
Channel Islands, California
pier fishingThis year's Pelican Harbor nest on Santa Cruz Island is teeming with life! Two eaglets hatched in early April this year while EagleCAM viewers watched closely. This is the fifth year that chicks have hatched in the Pelican Harbor nest since this pair had their first successful hatching in 2006. 
The 9-year old male from this nesting pair, K-10, was fostered into a nest on Catalina Island in 2001. K-10 spent several years on the mainland before returning to Santa Cruz Island in 2005. The 8-year old female, K-26, was fostered into another nest on Catalina Island in 2002. She spent some time on the mainland as well and made her way over to Santa Cruz Island in 2005, the same year as K-10. Shortly after returning to Santa Cruz Island these two eagles formed a pair and established a nest near Pelican Harbor. They successfully hatched their first egg in 2006 on the Northern Channel Islands in over 50 years! This first chick that hatched, A-49, successfully fledged and is now establishing her own nesting territory on Santa Cruz Island. In 2007, another chick successfully fledged. 
The following years were not so lucky. In 2008, two chicks were knocked out of the nest by another bald eagle. Fortunately, thanks to quick notification from EagleCAM viewers, the Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS) biologists quickly recovered the injured birds. The young birds were rehabilitated on the mainland and later released on Santa Cruz Island. In 2009, two chicks successfully hatched, but unfortunately died several days later due to unknown causes.
In 2010, with 7 bald eagle pairs on Catalina Island and potentially up to 10 pairs on the Northern Channel Islands, IWS biologists are kept very busy finding and monitoring the nests. To observe the action at the Pelican Harbor nest, read the FAQs, and get regular updates from the field, visit the EagleCAMand participate in the discussion forum
The MSRP newsletter is a publication of the Montrose Settlements Restoration Program, administered by the six federal and State of California trustee agencies responsible for restoring natural resources injured by past releases of DDTs and PCBs to the Southern California Bight.

Gabrielle Dorr
MSRP Outreach & Education Coordinator