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SLOVAKIA-EU "Blue Card" Available for Highly-Skilled Applicants





As of July 20, 2011, The Slovakian Parliament passed legislation to include protocols and requirements for non-European Union (EU) national, highly-skilled foreign workers to apply for the EU "Blue Card".  As a result, the Slovak Law on Border Control and Stay of Foreigners has been amended in accordance with EU standards.  Readers should note that while Blue Card applications have been accepted since July 20, processing of application has been delayed through to the present time as the Slovak Labor Office awaits government approval of an official list of professions that qualify for Blue Card status.


To attract highly skilled, non-EU national workers, Slovakia's immigrant was amended to include EU Blue Card as a temporary work/residence category.  The Blue Card is being phased in across the EU by several EU-member states to match the basic EU legislative requirements with a particular EU-member country's national immigration/labor conditions. 




Basic Qualification/Validity of Blue Card


To qualify for Blue Card application in Slovakia, a Blue Card applicant must have a written commitment from potential Slovakian employer for a job position which matches applicant's academic and professional qualifications. Blue Card applications must be supported by an applicant's higher education certificates and/or documents proving minimum five years of professional experience relevant to the proposed position. The applicant must have a secure offer of employment by a qualified Slovakian company.  Upon receiving the Blue Card, the holder must execute his or her employment contract with his/her Slovakian sponsor.  Blue Cards issued by Slovakia will be valid for an initial period of three years.


Unlike previous legislation, the new law provides separate provisions for long-term resident status, including distinctions for granting of status based on several factors, inclusive of nationality, and includes revisions to Slovakian deportation and detention of foreign nationals violating their status. 


Client Advisory


Given that the Slovakian Parliament has not yet issued final confirmation of qualified list of position titles, clients are advised to consult with their Pro-Link GLOBAL immigration specialist to confirm if assignees should pursue Blue Card status and the current requirements and timing expectations to process Blue Card applications for highly-skilled/technical assignees.  Clients are reminded that Blue Card holders are free to apply for "fast-track" work authorization in another EU-member country after maintaining  Blue Card status after 18 months, provided the intended host EU country recognizes Blue Card applicants and the applicant meets the intended host country's Blue Card application requirements.


This news alert was provided in coordination with our Slovak KGNM -Move One Relocation.

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