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                            M a y   2012

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We are moving right along into Summer.  Trust you had a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend. Don't want to hold you too long :)
'Spring ' Clean Your Procedures
Stuck in a rut?
1.  STOP ...  doing what isn't working!  Analyze< what isn't and WHY?  What have you wanted to do and have NOT done ...  start :)
2.  BRAINSTORM with yourself; and/or other trusted persons.  Try a new way  - and give it proper time to 'work'.
3.  Keep a log of your actions for 2 weeks - what "do" you do; and how long does it "really" take you.  You might be surprised where your time is going?


from Parade Magazine [22 April 2012]:


Throw away  -- today:


Computer printout

Paper copies of paid bills

VHS tapes--cassette tapes--'old' video games

Worn-out linens

Outdated cell phone (donate to a charity or drop-off at Home Depot or Best Buy)

Extra coat hangers

Reminders of past hobbies

Single-use kitchens gadgets -- except the Christmas-tree cookie cutter (smiles)


What did you get up and throw away?


Decluttered? -- Let's Get ORGANIZED!!


1.  You need to determine what format you will ACTUALLY use:  Planner, smartphone, online service - but, You do need a to-do list ... and one that is easily accessible.


2. Review it twice a day.  Where are You ... progress-wise?


3.  Organize your must difficult challenges for the early morning hours - allowing less opportunity for distractions. Break the task down into daily tasks - doing a little bit each day.  Sometimes you may have to get up early to complete some of your tasks - say, before telephone calls start occurring!! You never know what is needed of you when the phone rings - and You say "Hello".  Have your most important tasks completed first.  It will take a little discipline; but, you will be glad you developed it - when that unexpected request is on the other end of your phone!


4.  Build in time for interruptions.  If they don't occur - keep on with your list. If they do - you have time to handle them {that is a great feeling}.


5.  Know when you need to shut the door and get a 'single' task completed {the budget; bill paying; the report due in 3 hours; whatever you really don't what to be interrupted on - once you start}.  Don't hope that you won't be bothered - take steps to accomplish a specific task you need to do.  Close your door, put up a sign, "Do Not Disturb for 25 Minutes" - Project deadline to complete.


6.  Be decisive.


7.  Learn to say "No".


8.  Ask for assistance.


9.  Take some time for YOU - go for a walk, exercise class, tend to your garden; or, start one, knit, crossword puzzle, play "Angry Birds" - take time and de-stress.  Then, get back to the list.

Last Word



"Too many of us hung up on what we don't have, can't have, or won't ever have.  We spend too much energy being down, when we could use that same energy - if not less of it - doing, or at least trying to do, some of the things we really want to do".   TERRY McMILLAN



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