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                            February 2012

GJ at Tng 

Today is Ash Wednesday!!  I ask that you 'give up' inefficiency and unproductive actions?   Do something positive this Lenten season of 46 days.
What Can You Do in 5-minutes?
{12 for 2012}

1.  Answer 3 pressing e-mails.

2.  Reply to 3 e-mails.

3.  Set up a PayPal account.

4.  Ladies - do your nails.

5.  Download pictures in your digital camera/iPhone to your  computer. 

6.  Check your stack of magazines and eliminate half!!

7.  Brush your pet.

8.  Write a Thank You note ... you have been putting off.

9.  Cancel 1 appointment - you just really don't want to keep.

10.  Check your voice mail.

11.  Test your smoke alarms/change batteries.

12.  Neaten up the freezer.

Sharings from 'Real Simple' ... January 2011 issue.

Time Management

I read an article recently and it surprised me. 


It asked that I think of three things that I strongly disliked doing and makes my energy level - low.  Then, once that was complete - STOP doing those activities.  Time Management .... how?  Perhaps, you will need to delegate these activities.  Can you barter?  Really - stop and think - what are the possibilities!!?!!


Next, was concerning the people we spend our time with who are NOT adding anything to our lives.  They, too, are zapping your energy.  You need to increase your circle of acquaintances.  Again - Time Management?


Take the time to evaluate [analyze] - explore the results you want to accomplish and who you want to be with.  You will know when you have found a workable solution for you; you will feel revived - even excited!!


Stop doing and find balance 'in being'. Have a plan - but let it be a flexible plan.  Do take time to stop and smell the roses, the sand at the beach or the fresh mountain air.

Small Business Empowerment Group - Come Join US!!


In my October 2010 (#10) newsletter, I shared my excitement at being asked to be the Time Management Contributing Expert for Pam Knight's Small Business Empowerment Group. 


Small Business Owners that are in need of assistance, please visit the SBEG website through clicking on the link below; see what we have to offer!

Christian Giving Circle - Have you Given?



This is an organization that could use your assistance. Yes- I am a Member.  The motto of the The Christian Giving Circle - "We can't do everything but together we can do something".  Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of families and individuals who need assistance [monetary and non-monetary assistance and resources] in the DMV {District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia}.  They make their request known to The CGC. Upon approval - the service or need (medicine, food, diapers, clothing, utility bill paid, etc.) is taken care of by The CGC. This means that needed items are purchased by The CGC and taken to the individual/family in need.  The CGC would pay the outstanding bill - in part or in its entirety.  You know that your contribution goes where it is intended. They are a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization.  In addition to new members, they are looking for strategic partnerships to increase their resources capacity.


Please visit for more information or to make a donation.  Or contact, Paulette G. Davis, President and Founder at [email protected].  


 Newsletter Archive

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