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#8                                                   August   2011

GJ at Tng
Happy  August!!
I did it - I wrote my first eBook - "Where Did My Time Go?".
Can you believe September is knocking on the door.  What have you done with your summer?  What are your plans for the balance of 2011?


                           What's Going On ...

August has launched two new partnerships for me:


Small Business Empowerment Group conducted its inaugural meeting "Lunch".  I serve as the Time Management Contributing Expert.  Pam Knight is the Founder of this organization.  SBEG is an online and offline community to support small business, individuals, professionals, self-employed and consultants to achieve BIG things for their small business.


Global Institute for Empowered Women Entrepreneurs (GIEWE), where I serve as the Social Media and Programs Director.  Marlena M.D. Kelley is the Founder.  GIEWE is where women can express themselves, implement new ideas, and take risks without fear.  In this empowered environment, facilitated by experts [Yes - I will handle the Time Management], we all learn to lead, start-up, market and grow our businesses; while building strategic alliances, practice new technologies and build friendships.

           Shout OUT to:  The Christian Giving Circle


This is an organization that could use your assistance. Yes- I am a Member.  The motto of the The Christian Giving Circle - "We can't do everything but together we can do something".  Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of families and individuals who need assistance [monetary and non-monetary assistance and resources] in the DMV {District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia}.  They make their request known to The CGC. Upon approval - the service or need (medicine, food, diapers, clothing, utility bill paid, etc.) is taken care of by The CGC. This means that needed items are purchased by The CGC and taken to the individual/family in need.  The CGC would pay the outstanding bill - in part or in its entirety.  You know that your contribution goes where it is intended. They are a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization.  In addition to new members, they are looking for strategic partnerships to increase their resources capacity.


Please visit for more information or to make a donation.  Or contact, Paulette G. Davis, President and Founder at [email protected].  

It is August - Let's Keep it Light

Whether it is an office project to be done or you want to declutter a room - you need to be in the right 'mindset'.


Mindset  -  to pull the right people together to help you complete the work project.  Mindset  -   to divide up the areas to declutter and to be thorough when you do it.


Know what your goal is:  a visual explanation of the past 3 month sales or to declutter the closet.  Who has the information you need for the Sales figures?  Is all the 'stuff' in the closet yours; if not, others in the house need to be involved.


Use a timer and work in 20 minute segments.  Or, do a portion each day. Think through the 'parts' of what you need to do.  How long will it take to complete -  or when is it requested that you submit the information?  That is your timeline!  But, finish and leave an extra day for any other thoughts, additions or changes.  Or, to just enjoy the fact - it is done!!

Last Thoughts

From "Daily Dose of Determination" by Melaine Bonita

(available at  ~ 90 daily, progressive steps of determination.  Are you ready for the journey?  We are 130 days (on 23 Aug 2011) from 2012 - you have time to take a 90-day journey!!  Join with me on the journey - a step at a time will get you where you want to go!!


From Day 5 - Daily Decisions


"Your daily decisions and discipline determine your destiny!  What decisions are you making daily to shape what you want to be and where you want to go?"  ...


Order  you copy today -- start your 2012 preparation.

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