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#7                                                       July 2011

GJ at Tng
Happy  July!!
As you can see from WHEN you are receiving this - you almost didn't get this in July. 


Life happens to all of us.  On 23 June - Tony's Mother and my 2nd Mom (truly) went home to Heaven.  So, we both had a very unexpected interruption in our daily journey through life.  It is truly a 'jolt'.  And, now we have to adjust our lives without her in the physical; but, trust me - I know she is watching over us. 


Can You 'Take It" on the Road?


This is what I want to share with you for July: 


The unexpected and sudden passing of my Mother-in-Law meant abruptly leaving work (job for Tony) and my Clients (for me) and traveling to Florida for 8 days.  And, although I was 'off the grid', there were things that still had to be handled.


Are you prepared? Able to conduct your necessary business away from home?  Have a laptop?  Do you have wireless capability?  Have a smartphone - with unlimited data?  Do you use your bank's online bill pay? 


Time Management is all about Planning and Scheduling!!

Get Your House in Order (1, 2, 3)

  1. Have a system - YOUR system.  Develop a system that you are actually going to do.
  2. Clean-up YOUR backlog.  This will require double duty for a little while.  As you implement your new system; you must also be clearing any backlog - simultaneously!
  3. Maintain YOUR new system.  This is the reason that you developed your system.

CoachingbyGJ  website

I have moved to a WordPress platform. 


I will be initiating a Blog soon (stay tuned).  I am still tweaking and have to reset some of the pages; BUT, please visit and let me know if you have any suggestions.   Thank you.


eBook [coming soon]


READERS ~ please respond: 


"What Time Management Challenge Can I Solve For You?"


Last Thoughts

"Out of sight, out of mind" is not really out of mind. 



"What lies in your power to do, lies in your power not to do".


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