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#6                                                        June 2011

GJ at Tng
Happy  June!!
Thank You for joining me for another edition.


When this month ends, we will be 6 months until 2012; where are you in your intended accomplishments for 2011?   Reset yourself and forge on.  It is NEVER too late when you are on the road of progress.


Leadership Announcement


The 8 Dimensions of Leadership ~ DiSC  Strategies for becoming a Better Leader by Dr. Jeffrey Sugerman, Dr. Mark Scullard and Emma Wilhelm, M.S.  - is available. 


By ordering the book through me - I will be able to provide you with a link to take the Leadership assessment, which will identify your primary leadership dimension.  The advantage is if you desire to participate in any of the other Everything DiSC Applications [Management, Sales or Workplace], you will NOT have to retake the assessment.



Please contact me DIRECTLY at [email protected], if you are interested in further information regarding the book and the DiSC Leadership information that you can be provided.


The 8 Dimensions of Leadership are:  Pioneering, Energizing, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute or Commanding.


For those who are familiar with DiSC, this is really a breakthrough; for those who are not - this is a great way to be introduced. 


Tune-up for 2011 Finish

  1. Plan and Schedule - they go hand-in-hand.  If you want to accomplish something (goal), you must set aside adequate time to perform the task.  Schedule it like a Doctors' appointment.
  2. Be specific in your goals/tasks; be able to measure your progress; set them in achievable chucks of time; be certain they are realistic; and set time perimeters for each step.  s-m-a-r-t = SMART goals!!
  3. Don't let time-wasting activities trip you up to make you think you are do 'something" -- constant checking of email--social networking sites--IM:  set a specific time to check 3x per day.
  4. Important versus Urgent ~ Important - those things that contribute significantly to your objectivesUrgent - those things that require immediate attention.  All activities have some degree of urgent and importance built-in. Stick to the Important/non-urgent 'work to do'.
  5. Learn to say "No".  If your 'plate' is full - let others know.  Give someone else a chance to assist.  You do everyone a disservice when you say 'yes' and are unable to handle your portion!! Especially the stress you inflicted on yourself!! 
  6. Prepare a plan with a libel amount of flexibility; but have some idea of what YOU want to accomplish with each and every day (3 major goals/task).
  7. Break large projects into smaller pieces over several days. Aim to finish two days before due dates.  Delegate to competent persons, with specific instructions and timelines.
  8. Make time to relax yourself - sit in a quiet room; get a massage; have lunch with a friend who makes you laugh; get more than 4 hours sleep; go to a funny movie; go sit at the Beach or in a Park; get some ice cream and sit and think of nothing but the flavor!!

CoachingbyGJ  website {Up and In-process...}

I have moved to a WordPress platform. 


I will be initiating a Blog soon (stay tuned).  I am still tweaking and have to reset some of the pages; BUT, please visit and let me know if you have any suggestions.   Thank you.


Working from Your Strengths

This is a sharing from Marcus Buckingham, Author of "The Truth About You - Your Secret to Success":
1.  Get Focused - what do you 'love' to do?  Do more of it.
Review what got you to where you are now.
2.  Be Clear - Do you have specific goals in these areas:
Financial; Health; Career; Relationship; Learning; and  Community?
3.  Take Action!!  You have 6 months for a great ending (of 2011).  JUST Do It!!!


Last Thoughts

To ignore the unexpected (even if it were possible) would be to live without opportunity, spontaneity, and the rich moments of which "life" is made.

Stephen Covey


The best place to succeed is where you are with what you have.

Charles Schwab

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Gloria-Jean Brown