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#4                                                        April 2011

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Happy April!!
April showers bring May flowers J
What are you producing?  What do you want to produce?  Time to readjust?


Your Peak Time


I was reading an article this past week that talked about taking advantage of your personal peak time.  This is something I share when I am speaking with others.


We somewhat know our peak time - but we do not capitalize on it.  It is probably easier to do if you work from home or are an entrepreneur; versus an employee in a 9 to 5 situation.


When are you most productive - AM or PM?


You will need to log your full day in 2 hour intervals.  Then evaluate your High - Medium - Low energy level periods.


Plan your important activities/projects during your peak  time period.  BLOCK OFF the time on your calendar to complete your activities/projects.  Use that time as you would if you were going to an appointment.


Schedule your 3 least favorite activities to do in the first hour of your work day - get them out of the way!!  You won't have those projects or activities nagging you later or during your high level period.  You will most likely choice something you like to work on; while letting the "I don't want to" until later.  Free your mind by doing the unwanted task first or a portion of it - then 'go for it' throughout the rest of your day.

Hate Change? ...  Follow-up to Analyzing (Mar '11)

Analyzing can lead to change.


HATE change?


1.  Take stock of the circumstances

2.  Develop a team

3.  Let people know

4.  Know the benefits

5.  Risk failure ... to grow

6.  Take action

7.  Reward yourself as levels are met

8.  When a setback occurs; keep going forward



Interpretation of an article by John C. Maxwell, DM



"If You Have 5 minutes..." Part 2

1.  Move some random files on your desktop to 'their' correct folders.

2.  Refold sweaters and stack them by color.

3.  Put to-be-donated clothes in a bag by the door.

4.  Pick 5 things and put them where they belong.

5.  Remove gum wrappers, receipts and ATM slips from your purse (Women) - wallet (Men).

6.  Shred something - anything!!!



Now What? - "I Finished My Project"

When you have successfully completed your long put off project or are well on your way to 'conquering the monster' - start mapping out the next mountain.


Your next project is YOUR next 'bottleneck'. You finished your closet; maybe the kitchen is the next area to get under control.  Perhaps - the junk drawer in various rooms.  Where is the place you feel a sense of dread to go ... because? 


That is your next project!


Last Thoughts

"Our life is frittered away by detail ... simplify, simplify".

Henry David Thoreau

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