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 #3                                                        March 2011

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Happy March!!
The season of Lent is in process  ~  use this as a time of productive improvement:  Give up procrastination - Do it now!!  File those papers; make that call; play with your children; surprise your Spouse, with YOU - go for a walk!!  Take up de-cluttering for 40 day - how much 'leaner' will your work and living areas become??  Read.  Use this as positive building time. J

 Are YOU doing what you are passionate about?

Why not?


What are your regular habits?  Why do you do things that way?  Is it working for you?  When are you going to change the things you KNOW you need the change?  Do you know what you need to change?


Have you ever completed a "time log".  A log of your daily actions and activities for a specified time period -- a week.  You log your activities and the time it takes you to complete them. From brushing your teeth, driving to and from work,  walking the dog, eating dinner ... everything you do or are involved with. 


You may find that you are spend more time on getting ready in the morning than you thought.  [Set clothes out the night before; gather what you need for the office the next day the evening before; perhaps you can iron your clothes the night before; leave your brief case, keys, lunch bag in a designated area - just taking your lunch out of the refrigerator as you are leaving.] 


Are your activities consistent with your goals?  If you are stressed, just can't get caught up or overwhelmed - a time log of 2 weeks maybe a big help as to how your time is spent or stolen from you (interrupters).


At the office or even working from home - what are your initial steps?  Do you review your meetings or Clients you are meeting for the day - making sure your have everything you need for each appointment.  Do you check for the reports that maybe needed in your office?  Have you received the input you requested so you can prepare your report on time and not be rushed.  Are there areas/tasks that you can delegate to an employee or a Virtual Assistant?


Are you losing time in checking email and the various social networks - first thing. [BIG TIME EATER]  Do you have a process or plan in place for the email - to delete, to answer or to place in a folder because you need to gather additional in order to answer?   Are you only checking twice a day?


Examine work procedures - are they still relevant?  Can procedures be eliminated or simplified?  Talk with those who are charged with using these procedures everyday - get their input for improvement, revision or elimination.


An immediate help of "more time" - Turn-off distractions: TV, radio, smart-phones, even IM capability.  Do what you have to do first ... clear headed!!  Set definite times to check email and social network sites - put those time in your signature block. ['I check email at 10 AM and 3 PM daily, if you need a quicker response - please call'.] --please  be sure to adhere to these time. You should not be 'connected' 24/7. You need quiet time to collect your thoughts and plan your activities.




DeClutter Corner

Make decluttering a family activity or an office project!


You know you can't do it all yourself.  And, you probably did not get all the 'stuff' in your home or office by yourself,, let others help.


Designate a box or labeled area for:  Donations, 'Put it back in its proper place', or Throw away.


Set a certain amount of time 20 to 30 minutes.


Go with first instinct; but, don't throw out family heirlooms, either.


Bag the 'throw away' items and put outside for trash day.  Drop off the donations next day and put relocating 'items' back in their proper place. 


Do this as a weekly activity until you have decluttered to your satisfaction.  If you are serious, serious - make this a nightly activity at home.  In the office - set 1:30 to 2:00PM as decluttering time.


Have fun with it - each person take a different room when you schedule this.  New eyes see things we do not and also may not have some of the emotional attachments that we have. "Why do you have that figurine after 20 years"? 


Be creative!!



Are you a 'hoarder'?  You say "NO!" (emphatically)


What about your email (how 'many' are in your Inbox?) Your calendars?  Your hard drive?


Home computer -- personal laptop -- Office computer?


Just a question.

Working On...  (Coming soon) 


  1.  Blogging Website (time management/organizing)

  2.  Interruptions

  3.  Delegation


Last Thoughts

"What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do." 


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