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 #2                                                        February 2011

GJ at Tng 

Happy February!!
Happy mid-way!!!  Enjoy President's Day weekend!
What Can You Do in 5-minutes?

1.  Sew a button

2.  Pitch 3 old items from the refrigerator

3.  Clean off the top of your refrigerator

4.  Throw out old coupons

5.  Test pens and toss the 'dead' ones


Sharings from 'Real Simple' ... January 2011 issue.

DeClutter Corner

Live smarter!!  The clean-up of "whatever" is the easy part.  The hard part is the maintenance of your new cleanup area:  Home office; Closet; paperwork; Refrigerator, etc.  A few dedicated minutes is all you need.


It is the "putting off" of the seemingly unimportant 'few minutes" or NOT making the time (say, 10 minutes) that rebuilds that cleared pile of papers, clutter, or clothes ... yet again.


1.  Review your calendar/cell phone notes -- what is coming up; what do you need to successfully handle that appointment or event?


2.  Review your daily to-do list:  daily.


3.  Loose papers:  act on it (do what it [the paper] needs) ~ Answer, entry data, delegate, file and/or throw away.


4.  List the thoughts rolling around in your head.  Preferably at the back of the regular notebook you carry - so you can access your list (easily), when time arrives that you can complete items -- you will know where the list is!!


5.  Go through the mail as soon as you bring it in - throw away the junk mail THEN.  Have a place for your bill-paying and go put that mail there NOW. Have a paper-shedder nearby.


6.  Hang up coats--clothes. Put others in the clothes hamper, down the laundry chute or in the Cleaner's bag. 


7.  Put your keys in your purse or by your wallet.  Others have a bowl near the front door for keys, you can grab on your way out the door.  Once you determine - your place - always put your items there.


Remember we waste 45 minutes a day "looking for stuff": keys, glasses, a paper or report, email, instructions, directions, cell phone, any number of 'favorite' things.  Gee, that's (4) 10-minutes pickup cycles ...  hmmmmmmmmmm.

Small Business Empowerment Group - Come Join US!!


In my October 2010 (#10) newsletter, I shared my excitement at being asked to be the Time Management Contributing Expert for Pam Knight's Small Business Empowerment Group. 


Small Business Owners that are in need of assistance, please visit the SBEG website through clicking on the link below; see what we have to offer!

Working On...  (Coming soon) 


  1.  Analyzing

  2.  Blogging Website (time management/organizing)

  3.  Interruptions

  4.  Delegation


Last Thoughts

"Set priorities for your goals. A major part of successful living lies in the ability to put first things first.  Indeed, the reason most major goals are not achieved is that we spend our time doing second things first." 

 Robert J. McKain   

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