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 #1                                                        January 2011

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Happy January!!
Happy New Year  ~ May this one be the start of the best one ever and ever and ever!!
New Year Thoughts

Trials are part of every life.  Even after, you set your plan.


This is your rebound time - restart, be more focused on achieving your goals/desires.


We are each unique - are you working/living/loving  "in your lane"?  Share your special gift/talent with others.  Enjoy and embrace what you have to offer.

Stay Motivated

1.  Stay in motion  (regular exercise)

2.  Quit smoking  (take up dance, exercising, gardening)

3.  Conquer your clutter  (put away, throw away)

4.  Take a breather  (10 minutes:  relax; music; or just do nothing)


These suggestions of motivation are from a medical article.  Time management is not as difficult as we make it.  We, too often, over extend what we want to do.  We don't allow time for interruptions and life's surprises.


This is a new year ... you CAN change that - today!  And keep doing that one day at a time.


Henry Ford said:  "If you think you can, you are right.  If you think you can't, you are right".


For all the tips and tricks you may want to use - YOUR attitude is the fundamental piece to all you do.


Your attitude and determination (through self-discipline) will pay off.  What 3 things each day do you do to further your job advancement and promotion?  [Do you read industry trends; take a software class to take full advantage of all the functions to benefit your department, complete your projects before they are due]?  If you own your own business, what 3 things to you do each day to grow your business?  [Do you network weekly at different venues, do you call your current customers and ask for referrals, do you under-promise and over-deliver]?


Are you a person who feels they can and will make a difference. You feel you can control/change some things.  Or, are you a person who feels pushed around and just reacts to what happens to you.  It is an attitude adjustment.


You learn to focus on what is essential. People generally 'make' time for what they want to do ... even if that is doing nothing.  Others are always doing 'something'.  We all have the same amount of time; but, it is how we choose to use our time that sets each of us apart.  Example:  If you take the bus or train - do you use that time for reading?  Or, do you stare aimlessly out the window or sleep.  If you drive, do you only listen to music on your iPod or do your listen to books?  You can do things differently ... if you want to.


Time Management is you putting together a system that you work that gives you the results that you want. It will be different than what I do (I like to get up early to work on projects [4AM] - but we can both be successful. We all have different behavior styles and influences on our lives - let it work for you.

Master Your Workflow

From the book, "Getting Things Done" by David Allen (The Art of Stress-free Productivity):


  1.   Collect - what do you need to complete your task
  2.   Process - how are you going to proceed
  3.   Organize - to get your desired results [what/who]
  4.   Review - is this working
  5.   Do - carry it out to complete your scheduled plan

"Things rarely get stuck because of lack of time.  They get stuck because the doing of them has not been defined."

Working On...  (Coming soon) 


 1.  Analyzing Time

 2.  Interruptions

Last Thoughts

  In keeping with attitude:

"Fear is the parent, and worry and dread are the children" 

~Joyce Meyer~


Purpose to be happy.  Be confident in sharing your talents with others.


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