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 #11                                                        November 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy November!!

for joining me on this month's Time Management journey. 

Welcome to the Holiday Season.  Please enjoy this season by helping someone, giving to someone, and enjoying the company of those around you at home and at your job or business.  It is NOT all about 'spending money' ~ share yourself!


So ... how much can you do?


80% of work is done by 20% of the people.  With job losses, more is asked of those who remain.  As I have become older, being at 'peace', not "making $" is my desire.  What is going on with you?  Having time to do things I want to do is the priority.


It takes discipline to get your financial house in order.  There is much more to life than 'chasing the dollar'.  You have to make choices.  You will have to let some things go.


Know that when you set boundaries, they will be challenged!  Expect that and stand firm.  You will be requiring people to change their "go-to-person".  They will resist until you show them that you mean to make the change.  Let the other 80% non-doers - learn!!


In the office, your boss may not be totally aware of all you are doing.  They just want their projects taken care of.  When you KNOW you have too much to do - who do you tell, besides your co-worker - who can't do anything about it.


Communication is key in all areas of life.  Talk with your boss, explain what you have on your plate. Ask for help in setting new, appropriate priorities.


Taking on yet another project can throw you into a tailspin and will cause you to shortcut other things and make  mistakes - some that may not come to light until you are in the middle of your project.


People who are doers (that 20%) are continually asked  to  do more and they get the ulcers, sleepless nights not wanting to disappoint - and churning "how will I get this done?"


The same applies at home.  We must communicate what we want.  But, home is our refuge.  Prioritize the important tasks.  The family should each do their part.  Tasks should not be left to just one person.  There are times when your priorities are not in line with the rest of the family - unrealistic expectations.  Time for a family meeting and realign the household chores.


  • Write out all your tasks
  • Make a plan based on due dates - schedule 2 to 3 per day
  • Delegate and schedule with timeline, if needed
  • Finish the major plan pieces and review
  • Ask someone else to review it (is it accurately laid out, is timeline realistic, is proper amount of assistance available)


Attitude Towards Time

Time is now to get it together.  We hear it, we say it to others, - when are "you" going to do it?  You go almost 24 hours a day.  


You have all the time that is necessary.  How do you choose to use your time?  Work, Church, Activities, Social, if children - time for them and their activities.  Are you are in school or a training program; perhaps a second job or a business you are starting.


There really isn't anything new I can say. I have been hearten lately to hear and read ~ advice I give my Clients is 'on point'.  But, until you take it to heart and implement changes into your day and life - you will remain on the tread-mill of daily disorganization.


  1. Have 3 goals per day
  2. Leave time gaps for the unexpected
  3. List weekly objectives and priorities
  4. Plan a weekly relaxing event
  5. Do something with family [movies, bowling, hiking, museum, card games - it is the time together that is important]

What Am I Reading?

 1.  Getting Things Done by David Allen

 2.  The Time Management Memory Jogger by Peggy Duncan

 3.   Yes You Can by Barbara A. Robinson

Working On...  (Coming soon) 

 1.  Master Your Workflow (5 steps)


 2.  Analyzing Time



Last Thoughts

 Disorder and procrastination help avoid boredom; one never has the feeling that there is nothing important to do.

- Anonymous -


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