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 #10                                                          October 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy October!!

for joining me on this month's Time Management journey. 

I am humbled and excited to be asked to be the Time Management Contributing Expert with Pam Knight for her Smart Business Empowerment Group.

I am also re-working some of the content/format of this newsletter - I hope you will like the updates.


Are you good at multitasking?  Really good?


According to an article a friend sent to me - you are doing more harm than good.  In fact, it is really taking you 50% longer to accomplish tasks and you can be open to making 50% more mistakes.  Was that your intention?


I have read that only computers are designed for multitasking.


Even when you are walking and talking (just 2 things) - you will pause when you approach a pothole or disturbance in the sidewalk (a 3rd thing) because your brain naturally focuses on tasks sequentially - one at a time!


Multitasking drains both mental and physical energy.  Just because you expend energy, does not mean you are productive -- it is only an illusion.


Another illusion is you are saving time.  Every time you switch your attention, your brain goes through a sequence of activities to refocus and adjust to the new task.  You lose previous 'progress' and then you need to start over.  Was that your intention?


Slow down, organize, prioritize - do tasks completely, and correctly -  one at a time.  Set aside the appropriate time to do the task.  Schedule time pockets to check email/voice mail - not at every receipt of a message.


Take "brain breaks" - stand, stretch, take deep breathes, eat some fruit, play a few minutes of online games, such as "Bejeweled".  Use discipline - do 5 (1) minute plays and then go on to the next task.  Drink a glass of water.


Remember, time management is your use of discipline to accomplish your goals.  You can have fun along the way. Life is too short - not to!


Bring order into your life -

Begin by understanding who you are and what your purpose is.
Be committed to your personal and spiritual growth.

What are you becoming more (of), less (of) - is it the right proportions?
Take time to examine yourself, and your motives.
If you are not where you want to be - you have the power to change!

These are a few points from Vicki Norris, an "Order Guru".  Vicki has turned her passion for order into a lifestyle brand offering hope for the overwhelmed.  

What Am I Reading?

 1.  Getting Things Done by David Allen

 2.  The Time Management Memory Jogger by Peggy Duncan

 3.   Yes You Can by Barbara A. Robinson

Working On...  (Coming soon) 

 1.  Master Your Workflow (5 steps)


 2.  Attitude



Last Thoughts


  1.  Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax.

2.  We need to transform all the 'stuff' we are trying to organize into actionable stuff we need to do.

from "Getting Things Done" by David Allen  -  2001


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