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 #9                                                          September 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy September!!
for joining me on this month's Time Management journey. 
Welcome to Autumn 2010.  2011 is just around the corner ... 101 days away.  How are you going to enter 2011?
 Are You "Refreshed" ?
It is nearly impossible to be "refreshed" following a 2-week vacation.  Do people still take 2-weeks at one time?  Once a year!
What do you do at week 7 or week 20, or week 35?  Sometimes, most times, we pack so much into the 2 weeks, including drive time, that we are worn out from our only respite.  This is why we are stressed!
Too many people are vying for OUR time.  And, we are not saying "No" enough.  Let others develop their skills.
Take an extended weekend (a Friday or a Monday):  go to the mountains (hike, breathe in the fresh air); go to the beach (sit listen to the waves ebb and flow); check into a bed/breakfast (go sight seeing in the area).  Do this every 3 months!!  We eat 3x a day!
Evaluate - is everything you are doing  really  necessary - does it have to be you who does the various and numerous tasks?

Team Time

This is the time of year with children back in school and vacations taken, that we turn to meetings of all kinds.  At Work, Church, Social Clubs, Boards - do you dread going?  Wondering when you will be able to get back to your desk or back home?
  • Team Members should be those who can bring something to the table within their area of expertise. 
  • Be respective of their time.  Have an agenda with a timeline
  • Let them use their abilities. 
  • Let everyone should have a chance to state their opinion - within an allotted time. 
  • Deliver what you promise on time.  Start on time!
  • Send the Minutes 3 days before the meeting so everyone will have had time to read them and be prepared to ask any questions before the Minutes are finalized and accepted.
  • Ask members how the meeting framework can be tighten.


  1.  Are you attending events that will help to further your business?

  2.  Do you have business cards to share with others - with current contact information and your website?
  3.  Are you working the room?  Go meet as many people that you can that you do not know.
  4.  Follow-up with your new contacts within 48 hours -- NO LONGER.
  5.  Networking is about RELATIONSHIPS - Relationships take time to develop!!  There is a common interest between you and the person you are talking with - find it!  Friends like to buy from Friends!!

 Last Thought

Proper planning prevents poor performance
- Barbara A. Robinson
  "Yes You Can" -1998

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