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 #8                                                          August 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy August!!
for joining me on this month's Time Management journey. 
Let's get YOU organized!
Sharing from "Organize Your Work Day ... In No Time  by K. J. McCorry"
Main Point - Do you know what you want from your work day? 
If you are a small business owner -- this is critical!  You must be productive and work efficiently.
As an employee, your tasks/workday may be set but do you perform as competently as you can?  Do you look for ways to streamline processes to save the company time and/or money?  You may be the only one who can evaluate productive change!
You need Time Management tools that fit your work style and behavior.  It is NOT 'one size fits all'.  Are you 'in your lane' and using techniques that fit your way of accomplishing tasks?  Do you know what they are?
Are you aware of electronic aids or software that can help you perform your tasks better?  Are you using them?  Do you know how to 'really' use the software that you have?  If need be, take a refresher course on the most effective techniques/shortcuts for your current software.  Go through the tutorial in the Help section.
Are you proficient with Outlook, or similar program, to do scheduling, manage email and track 'to do' items?
~~ * ~~
Need to make some changes:
  1. Just do it (starting is half the battle)
  2. Be realistic about what your new habit(s) are going to be
  3. Be consistent
  4. Be accountable to a friend or coach or co-worker
  5. If you have a 'not-so-successful' day; get back on the horse -- start again!


Paula Eder, Ph.D., says time management is the art of prioritizing!  You know the priority when you leave home; then, an hour at work things are all out of whack!
Make a (dirty word) LIST!  Yes - make one of what MUST be done.  List it, do it, or delegate it.  Please be courteous and ask the person, to whom you want to delegate a task, what they are currently working on ... they maybe working on something important for you.
Best Practice
Cathie Heath shared some thoughts from Julie Morganstern, Time Management Expert, from an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine: 
Time is managed by day; by week.  Have set office hours.  Divide large projects into parts.  Serve your Clients; market to get new ones.  Keep on schedule - do what you set time to do.  At the end of the day, map out the next day.
Your preference - use a checklist, to-do list or notepad.

 Last Thought

Anxiety is caused by a lack of control, organization, preparation, and action.
- David Kekich

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