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 #7                                                            July 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy July!!
for joining me on this month's Time Management journey. 
Can you believe it - we are on our way to 2011.  Let us make the most of the remaining months of 2010 - to lay a solid, productive foundation!!
Let's get started.

Hitting The Target

 Do you have a 'target' to hit?
I am going to share a few thoughts from Terry Monaghan, Organizational Consultant:   Do you have a 'strategic focus'?  Are you pinpointing what you need to REALLY be doing?  What steps are in place to accomplish those goals?  For those in business - are you targeting the right potential clients?  Be specific - so you can attract the repeat clients for you products and services.  Key to moving forward is:  without a 'target', it does not matter what direction you choose!!  This applies to ALL areas of your life. 
So, where are you aiming your efforts?

 Peggy Duncan, Productivity Expert, puts it this way:  "You will have to make a concerted effort in a specific direction in order to achieve your goals - achieving is more than a wish list"!

 What goals do you want to accomplish before 2011?


Know that interruptions will happen.  Allow time in your daily schedule for a breather.  Ask, if the person you are calling has the time to talk!  Keep it short.  Have an agenda written when you make calls so you cover the 'real' reason you called.  Stand up when someone enters your office to ask a question.  Rearrange your  furniture.  Set a quiet time.  After being interrupted - train yourself to GO RIGHT BACK to your task.



We all have them, go to them or set them up for others.

Do you use a Meeting Planning sheet for set-up:  Nature of the meeting:  What are the objectives?  Expectations:   Who should be invited and what are their contributions to the meeting objectives.  Agenda.  Time and location of the meeting.
At the meeting, do you use a Meeting Agenda sheet to stay on topic:  Who is attending, date, time, and location.  Topic; Who is covering; Time Length; Action Needed; By Whom; Due Date.  Next meeting date.

At the conclusion of the meeting, a Meeting Follow-up sheet should be generated and forwarded to the attendees.  This should contain:  Who has been given an assignment; What the assignment is; and, When it is due.

Meetings should be predictable and orderly; not an unknown marathon!  Have fun -- enjoy going to your next meeting!

 Last Thought

Discipline leads to consistency.
Pastor Michael A. Freeman, Spirit of Faith Christian Center

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