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 #6                                                            June 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy June!!
for joining me on this month's Time Management journey. 
Trust you have some fun adventures planned for this summer -- Happy 1st Day of Summer!!

Procrastination Thought

Procrastination - If you do not know what you want to do; you can not procrastinate in not doing the task!! ~ Jamie Novak


Proper PLANNING is the most important ingredient in being productive. 
The main skipped step is 'brainstorming' all the possible challenges in a project.  Meet with your staff or family or your network group.  Do you have a realistic timeline set?  Build in extra hours or days for unexpected occurrences.  Plan to finish two days before the actual deadline.
Planning keys:  Results (what are your goals); Activities (what do I have to do); Priorities; Time (what is required); Schedules (when); and Flexibility (for the unexpected).
Do you have a weekly plan?  Helped along by a daily 'to do" list?
Set your plan at night, so you are ready to go in the morning!!

 Email  sharing from Karyn Greenstreet

 1.  Read your email 1st thing in the morning.
 2.  Don't use your personal email for newsletters/ezines.
 3.  Where you can - delegate email reading to an 

 Last Thought

Be kinder than necessary,  for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle!!

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