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 #4                                                             April 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy April!!
for joining me on this Time Management journey. 
Time Logs
 What can you gain from doing a log?
 Where are your weak areas?
 What activities consume most of your time?
Do you know your 3 biggest time wasters?
If you had more time - how would you spend it?
What are you willing to give up to achieve more time?
Do you have excuses not to do a time log:
  • It takes time
  • Have trouble remembering
  • Everyday is different
  • Interruptions are part of my life/job
What can you gain from the analysis: 
  1. Tasks you no longer need to do
  2. Tasks that can be delegated to someone
  3. Tasks that you can train someone to do
  4. Tasks that can be modified or use technology
Work smarter, and smell the roses in the process!!
Information is shared from Effective Time Management by J. Michael McDonald, Ph.D.

 Time Quadrants

Please visit my December 2009 Newsletter (via my website) for the quadrant refresher. 
Remember - Quadrant 3 is quicksand  [Urgent/not important].  It is the Quadrant of DECEPTION. 
Your goal is to move into Quadrant 2 [Important/not urgent].   It is most productive - it is the Quadrant of QUALITY.  Where your planning and scheduling come together.  Building relationships.  Being empowered.
Quadrant 1 is URGENT.  Quadrant 4 is routine - the Quadrant of WASTE.

 Last Thought

'Doubt attempts to take your permission to expand your world!  People who don't take steps of Faith, won't be remembered.'
Dr. Michael A. Freeman,
Pastor  - Spirit of Faith Christian Center
What goals are you striving to achieve?  Do they scare you,  then you are on the right track!!  Don't let doubt stop you.

 Newsletter Archive

Please visit and click on the Newsletter Archives Tab for older issues.
It is time for you to take your Time Mastery Assessment!  The categories of the assessment are:  Attitude, Goals, Priorities, Analyzing, Planning, Scheduling, Interruptions, Meetings, Written Communication, Delegation, Procrastination, and Team Time.   Please contact me at -

Gloria-Jean Brown