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Thoughts from February 2010
Is "No" really "No"
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 #3                                                              March 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy March!!
for joining me on this Time Management journey. 
Spring!!!  It is arriving Saturday.  Enjoy the sun and fresh air and gardening and blooming flowers.  Continue with achieving your goals - longer days.  Manage them smartly!!
Be Blessed and Prosperous in all your 2010 endeavors!
Thoughts from February 2010
Do not forget our goal:  I want to help you to do tasks better and have time for fun!!!
I will be sharing ideas from "Time Management" by Marshall J. Cook, 1998 - Adams Media Corporation. 
Is "NO" really "NO 
People who are asked to do something, are generally asked because they are good at the task, they have 'always' done it, or someone recommend them. 
But, how much can we actually keep adding to our day.  'No' may be the appropriate response.  Let someone else grow in added responsibility!
Some thoughts to consider:
  • You find it hard to say "No" -- so you respond "YES"
  • Ask for time to think about the request 
  • If 'No' - mean it when you say it
  • You are not obligated to give a reason
Be conscious of what you are saying and why!

 Last Thought

Are all your gadgets really saving you time?
Get only what you need; learn only what you need to know.

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