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 #2                                                              February 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy February!!
for joining me on this Time Management 2010 journey. 
Snow - need I say more.  Actually  --  YES!!.  I truly hope that you acted on what most of us have said, "When I get some time, I am going to____".  Did you?  Granted, we don't know when this block of time will come, but we all have some sort of list - how much of it did you accomplish?  Our last 'free time' period was 1996.  
If you are wondering ...Yes - I did.  I completed 6 projects during our two Blizzards. 
Be Blessed and Prosperous in all your 2010 endeavors!
Thoughts from January 2010
Do not forget our goal:  I want to help you to do tasks better and have time for fun!!!
I will be sharing ideas from "Time Management" by Marshall J. Cook, 1998 - Adams Media Corporation.
For those who did their Time Log - what did you discover?  If you would like to share, or need some assistance to be more effective, PLEASE email me at [email protected]
Please remember to build in 'time-out' into all your plans.  Or with our given weather - additional travel time. In other words, make time for life in your scheduling.
What Is On Your List?
  • Do not put too many items (tasks) on your list
  • Put breathing room into expected timing
  • List possibilities (be flexible)
  • Your list is not cast in stone
  • List most important/difficult tasks FIRST
  • Breaks 'big' projects into smaller pieces
  • Schedule 'little' rewards at appropriate intervals
  • Put long-term goals on list - decide the pieces
  • Be prepared to restructure the list, if necessary
  • To-do list is a tool - you don't have to have one!!

 Last Thought

Direction - not intentions - determines destination!!
 Pastor Andy Stanley - from "The Principle of the Path"
Where are you headed??   Need a course correction??

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Gloria-Jean Brown