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Enter 2010 STRONG ~ What Are You Doing?
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 #1                                                              January 2010

GJ at Tng 

Happy, Happy New Year!!
for joining me on this Time Management journey throughout 2010. 
I trust you enjoyed all the Christmas Holiday festivities.  I, also, trust you did NOT sabotage yourself with too stringent New Year's Resolutions.  Do select 3 and ease into to their commitment - so you can actually achieve the desired effect you want in CHANGE!!
Set S.M.A.R.T. goals [Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed]
Be Blessed and Prosperous in all your 2010 endeavors!
Enter 2010 STRONG  ~ What Are You Doing?
1.  You are mid-way through January.  Pretty much back into a work rhythm.  So, how do you spend your day?  Are you in charge or are the events in your life? 
2.  Who or what activity is monopolizing your time?
3.  Are you being productive or feel 'thrown under the bus'?
4.  Have you done a TIME LOG?
5.  Time is your life! Whether you are using it wisely or you are wasting it  ...  time is going by.  And, you can NOT reclaim it.
6.  Are you REALLY as busy as you think you are?
I want to help you to do tasks better and have time for fun!!!
I will be sharing ideas from "Time Management" by Marshall J. Cook, 1998 - Adams Media Corporation.
... and now, back to #4 - Yes - DO a TIME Log for a week - a close to normal week (no vacation or business conference). 
Locate yourself.  This is really no different than running numbers to make a realistic financial budget.
Either you are control your time, [Remember last month's Urgent versus Important], you are wasting your time, or events are controlling you and you do not know it!!
Take the challenge  - see "what are You doing" - - - do your Time Log.       

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