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September/2009                                                          #9

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Happy September 2009!!
We are definitely in the last quarter of 2009.  NOW is the time to get a good game plan in place to finish strong in 2009 and have a solid foundation for 2010. 
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Purpose and Passion - Are you "in your lane"?  Do you know 'what' is your lane?
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 Conquer Procrastination
I don't want you "stuck" as you set goals, plan [deciding what to do] and schedule [deciding when to do] to change your approaches to conquer procrastination.
So, with the assistance from Dr. L. Michelle Tullier's book dealing with Overcoming Procrastination, copyright 2000, I will share this idea:
"Analyze why you don't want to do "the whatever".  What do you think is now more important then "the whatever"."
Remember the June '09 newsletter - "Urgent versus Important".  What are you telling yourself about this paradox. 
There are 4 quadrants:
  1. Urgent and important [deadline projects]
  2. Not urgent but important [planning]
  3. Urgent and not important [some mail or meetings]
  4. Not urgent and not important [busy work]

The question is in which quadrant do you spend most of time?  Which quadrant should you be spending your time to be most productive?

Do small task towards your goal ... eventually you will finish.  Do the toughest things first.   Break it down into workable chunks.  You must dedicate yourself to your goals and do something each day toward their accomplishments.  Strive to do 1 or 2 tasks daily, rather than 5 or 6.  Don't set yourself up for failure.

 Goal and Desire

This is also a timely reminder.
GOAL - something that you want that you can control.  You are totally responsible for the accomplishing.
DESIRE - something that you want but you can not control the outcome.

When you are setting your goals - put steps/tasks in place that you can control and adjust based on your progress.  Example: you desire to wear a smaller size in clothing. Your goal [to lose weight]  would be to eat less, exercise a certain amount per week, or even join a group whose goal is to lose weight.
You will frustrate yourself when you do not properly identify a goal versus a desire.  Or, if your goal involves other persons of whom you have no control over - their likes/dislikes; their reactions to various circumstances.
Do what you can ... now!
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