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Happy Summer
Procrastinating - STOP!!
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August/2009                                                                 #8

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Happy August 2009!!
We are approaching the completion of two-thirds of 2009, are you satisfied with your progress? There is still time to finish STRONG!!
I took a break in July - so you are not missing (Issue #7), but I want to keep the numbering consistent.
Please feel free to share this information with others. 
Purpose and Passion - Are you "in your lane"?
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 Happy Summer 
I trust everyone is enjoying their summer and doing some fun things with the family.  Very soon school will be back in session and the Fall routine will set-in.  Then, before we are ready, it will be the 2009 Holiday season.
Before Labor Day arrives, please take a few minutes to do some planning and scheduling.  Make time to assess how you REALLY want to proceed with the balance of 2009.  Start fresh and put a new plan into place.

 Procrastinating - STOP!! 

We ESPECIALLY procrastinate concerning things that we don't want to do; things that are unpleasant; or, involve tough decisions. 
Are you doing things that you do NOT have to be doing ... that season has passed, but you are still holding on?? 
Has someone asked you to do something that you NO LONGER DO or have an interest in doing - pass the torch to someone else by saying "No", sorry I no longer to that."
Free yourself to make room for the things you are interested in doing and that are helping you to reach the goals you WANT to achieve!! 
Part of living the life you love, is to be doing the things that are really meaningful to you.
Game plan for your achievement is very simple:
  •      Get started
  •      keep going

Commit to an action.  Plan.  Schedule.  Set deadlines.  Reward yourself for accomplishing your goals.

Each day is a new beginning - make the BEST of each and every day you are given.     
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