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June/2009                                                                 #6

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Happy 18 June 2009!!
Almost half-way through 2009, are you satisfied with your progress?
Please feel free to share this information with others. 
Are you doing what you are passionate about?
Psalms 127:3-4  Message Bible
 Are You Running In Circles? Do you Know??
"It is useless to rise early and go to bed late, 
and work your worried fingers to the bone.
Don't you know God enjoys giving rest to those He loves? "  ... Message Bible, page 1072.
How is your rest?  Are you "WAITING" to enjoy your free time?  When would that be?
From "Womenomics" {book written by K. Kay and C. Shipman}, this applies to us all (male and female) - Americans have over 400 million unused vacation days -are you really that importantly busy?
Remember "Important versus Urgent" in the time management continuum:  Important things are those that contribute significantly to your objectives.  Urgent events require our immediate attention.  Thus, you are in constant conflict.  You are busy all day - and what do you really accomplish - -  anything on your to do list?  Do you at least have a list (written); not running around in your head ... no wonder you have headaches!!
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Time Management:  ARE YOU?

If you have way more 'going on' than you can handle - YOU CAN NOT MANAGE.  Do you know what you have 'going on'?  Is it written, so you can see that you are "BOOKED" [calendar, planner, etc].
Think of your important tasks as 'rocks'. Think of all the little interruptions in your day as 'sand'.  Picture a jar.  If your jar is fill of sand, how many rocks can you put in the 'jar of completion'?
Have a plan of working on two or three important task each day - that is where your day should begin.  Plan the night before, where you will expend your first energies of the day.  Put your 'rocks' in the jar first.  Then, all the 'sand' will fit!
Time Management is Planning and Scheduling your GOALS;  while not procrastinating!!
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