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May/2009                                                                 #5

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Happy 19th of May 2009.
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Are you doing what you are passionate about?
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Time Management:  Scheduling
You might think ~ last month you wrote about Planning; this month it is Scheduling.  Yes!  Because they are not the same.  They are both critical to accomplishment!! 
Planning is "what" to do.  Scheduling is "when" to do.  Often, if you do not schedule time, activities you need to do will not be completed.
You need quiet time to properly set your schedule. Then, set time limits for your activities.
Allow enough time to complete what you are scheduling.  You are picking the time and place to work on your activity.
Have you identified your prime time (when you are at your best)?  Use that time to schedule working on your important projects, making decisions or doing creative work.
Think of scheduling as declaring your commitment "to do" the project or activity ... whether it is to write a proposal, meet with a client or pay your bills.
Admittedly, there are times when what you schedule has to be changed or moved, but it still will be accomplished, just not 'right now'.  Items not scheduled - do not stand a chance.
Do your best to get an early start - you may need to get up 20-30 minutes earlier in the morning to have quiet time to schedule.  And, be flexible.  Interruptions are going to occur.  If you have flexibility in your schedule - you can maintain the control of your day.
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Work From Your Strengths 
I am reading the book "The Truth About You" by Marcus Buckingham.  Published by Thomas Nelson,Inc. - 2008.
"When we say we are working from our strengths - have you thought about that from the prospective of how you feel?  Before, during and after an event/activity?"  THIS IS WHERE WE WERE LAST MONTH.
Take the time to analyze by writing down, on paper, how you feel before, during and after  - this will help you to define your strength. What gives you joy, what you look forward to, what you would do even if you were not paid. Whistle while you work activities.
You can also analyze events/activities that you do not enjoy in the same way. This process will better define your weaknesses.
Do it for a week  ... see what you uncover about yourself.  What are your true strengths?  How much of your time are you using your strengths in a day? 
Identify your strengths; identify your passion. 
Until, next month!
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