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April/2009                                                                 #4

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Happy 16th of April 2009.
Relief that your taxes are filed.  Hockey Playoffs and  Baseball.  No rain today!!  Can it be SPRING!!!! 
For those who knew I had major surgery last month. I am coming along nicely, albeit ....  slowly!!  Each day is a better day!  Remember - YOU make your own sunshine!!
Please feel free to share this information with others. 
Are you doing what you are passionate about?
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Time Management:  Planning
You can always improve on your planning skills:
What results to you want to achieve?
What do you need to reach achievement?
Are your priorities identified?
Estimate the "real" time of activities/priorities!
When will you do the activities necessary to achieve your results?
Flexibility ~ need allowance for the unexpected!
Prepare a plan for every week; but allow flexibility for interruptions, challenges, meetings and eating!!
Make a daily "to do" list - but list the difficult tasks or job priorities (first), to be accomplished.  If you have a large project, do a strategic part each day; rather than 'close the door and "try" to complete it in 2 or 3 hours'.
Be prepared to start your day productively, by planning the night before ~ set out what you need:
clothing, reports, articles, print copies you want to take with you. Use Mapquest - plan to arrive 10 minutes early.  Check the local traffic reports BEFORE you leave.
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Work From Your Strengths 
I am reading the book "The Truth About You" by Marcus Buckingham.  Published by Thomas Nelson,Inc. - 2008.
When we say we are working from our strengths - have you thought about that from the prospective of how you feel?  Before, during and after an event/activity?
Do you look forward to the event/activity?
Do you feel focused, energized, times flies while you are engaged in the event/activity?
Do you feel fulfilled after the event/activity?  If you have answered Yes to all three - that is one of your strengths.  Your strengths, when engaged, make you feel strong.  That is where your passion lies.
What percent of your day is spent in positive energy? To the point that you can really say, "I enjoyed the events of my day" with a feeling of total satisfaction and accomplishment!!
Until, next month!
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